Free audio tours of downtown Denver and Civic Center Park can be streamed from the Denver Architecture Foundation website.

“By telling these stories in an experimental way, DAF seeks to maintain our community’s collective commitment to existing landmarks and protect the integrity of future landmarks,” said General Manager Pauline Herrera.

There are a total of 24 locations covered on the routes and people can enjoy the tours locally or elsewhere. The tours are titled “Downtown Denver: A Game of City and Empire Builders” and “Civic Center Park: A Speerian Game”.

“Ten acres of land on the hill east of Broadway, Browns Hill, was donated in 1867 to build the territorial capital in Denver,” explains one of the consequences. “When Robert W. Speer became mayor in 1904, the country west of the state capital in which you are today was a jumble of houses, houses and businesses. Early on in Speer’s administration, Speer started the community center project with the help of the Art Commission.

“Speer believed that the connection of the Capitol grounds to the east with a civic landscape to the west” would do more to promote Denver than anything, “” the narrative continues.

In August, DAF will also resume walking tours of Capitol Hill mansions with limited capacity.