DENVER (CBS4) – A small but passionate group gathered at the Colorado State Capitol on Sunday afternoon to protest gun violence. One person who spoke was Tom Mauser. He devoted his life to passing gun laws after his son was killed in the Columbine shooting.

(Credit: CBS)

He says no matter the crowd, he likes people to come out to support his cause.

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“It’s great to see people ready to work for this change.”

Another speaker was Jason McBride. He works in Denver to prevent gun violence in his community. He says that while mass shootings are tragic, gun violence occurs every day in cities across the country.

(Credit: CBS)

“It’s a different kind of violence, and when you talk about mass shootings, even if they are more common now, these are things that happen occasionally. Shooting in cities like Chicago, LA here in Denver. We have gang shootings every day, ”he said. “Gun violence affects our communities differently, but it’s the same.”

They all have ideas for laws that they believe will keep people safe. According to Jason McBride, the most common guns he sees on the street are the AR-15 and AK-47. He is therefore of the opinion that assault rifles should be banned.

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“No assault rifles belong on the street,” he said.

Mauser says he supports gun security hold bills, such as those currently under consideration under Colorado state law, but says national laws are required as well.

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“At the national level, we need universal background checks,” he said.

One thing they can agree on is that they both say it’s time to pass laws that save lives, be it on the streets of Denver or in a grocery store in Boulder. They say the first step is for everyday people to speak to lawmakers.

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“You have to contact them and tell them that they are really concerned about this gun violence issue and ask them what they are willing to do about it,” Mauser said.