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Hand Sanitizers Notorious Capability To Dry Out Hands And How To Fight It

Sep 13

It's September 2021, and we had a brief glimpse of the light, some semblence of normalcy, and then the Delta-Variant struck. Vaccinated people are getting sick, and while it's not as bad, we're back to stricter self-policing and sanitization protocols for a great many Americans, and people world wide. 

Sadly, people aren't just fighting the (threat of) coronavirus anymore. They're fighting the symptoms of the aforementioned struggle. Depression from a lack of being able to socialize normally, product shortages of things people want most, and dry hands. 

Yes folks, dry hands have come for us all. Be it the further aridification of the American West, or the ample amount of alcohol-based and non-supplemented hand santizers, Xerosis persists. And while many companies produce means of fighting it with creams, balms, lotions, and other skin related nouns and verbs, not many have tried head it off at the pass by creating a better sanitizer.

Most hand sanitizers are an alcohol based solution. And for good reason, alcohol is cheap to produce, and kills many types of bacteria instantly. Alcohol solutions also rapidly air dry, meaning there's little down time. Alcohol has been used for centuries for its properties. It's a great deal.

But then the after effects set in, and you notice your hands are noticeably drier than before. You can't turn the page of that page-turner, snapping your fingers isn't so much of a snap anymore, you get the idea. Also, it hurts. Your skin on your hands starts to crack, bleed, and scar after long. You must also use other means of moisturizing that skin, and restoring it's natural balance. 

What is that for most? Is that a lotion or hand cream? A sponge next to your work station? Showering daily or weekly? Not that it sounds like a whole lot more effort in your busy days, but what if there were a hand sanitizer that didn't dry out your skin? Let's say this magical, doesn't exist, unicorn product captured all the power of alcohol to kill those nasty viruses, germs, and bacteria but also had things to keep your skin healthy? And since we're imagining, why don't imagine it as a spray on, so you don't waste any product or pump too much into your hands, further drying your poor ailing skin. Ooh, let's include some essential oils too, things like rosemary, cinnamon... wait, we can do better, the king of essential oils, Thieves Oil. While we're at it, let's mix in some cannabinoids and aloe, those are great for skin, why not right?

Sad as it is, my imagination is not that wild. This product exists. It's not hard to get, it's powerful, and above all, it keeps your hands germ-free, healthy and moisturized.

Enter Synchronicity Hemp Oil, a hemp oil brand under Functional Remedies, already known for creating some of the highest quality hemp products due to their own massive investment in vertically integrating their farming, cultivation, extraction, bottling, and shipping of their products. Such oversight is never seen in CBD companies, and it's led to some powerful minds coming together to conceieve one product that hits every note for a hand sanitizer. 

It was in their laboratory that the world was gifted with Synchronicity Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Hand Sanitizer.

In the title of my article, I attempted to give the idea that we'd be discussing a way to correct dry hands as a result of hand sanitizer. What I did not say is that we'd be addressing a way to never have the dry hands in the first place but still have a perfectly suitable and powerful hand sanitizer. Quite a good example of having one's cake, and eating it too.

However, if you're here because you've already hopelessly dried out your hands with store brand disinfectants, we can address that too. Synchronicity Hemp Oil had lotions, face creams and body oils before they created the ultimate hand sanitizer. A CBD lotion is not unheard of, it's quite common. What makes Synchronicity stand out is that they've come full circle, creating products that fit us practically, as well as in a reactionary way. If you don't wany dry skin, use their body oil and hand sanitizer, but if it's already dry, and you need to restore, try their lotions and body butter. Everything works in harmony with your body's needs, and the phytonutrients of the hemp plant play a special role for your body in interacting with the CB receptors of your ECS (Endo-Cannabinoid System).

So fight germs, prevent dry skin and enjoy your skin care products with a purchase from Synchronicity. Synchronicity Hemp Oil is a Colorado based company with a very strict adherance to their own standards in creating top quality hemp oil and hemp oil products.