For Pride Month and every month.

Pride celebrations are never complete without an acknowledgment of the work to be done. This year it’s a particularly relevant sentiment, although it does feel like there is some semblance of “normal life” on the horizon, the road to recovery from the pandemic is long. And while this summer feels like a big sigh of relief, Pride isn’t just another party getting back into the party circle. It is a celebration rooted in historical collective resistance and should be remembered as such.

LGBTQ businesses, nonprofits, and communities are slowly recovering, but they still have a long way to go. And helping Denver queer culture fully recover means taking practical steps to ensure its survival – be it with your money, time, audience, or attention. So grab a drink, sign up for a voluntary time slot, visit a queer art exhibition or have a bite to eat very gay burger. If ever there was a good time to show solidarity, it is now.

Participate in Denver’s LGBTQ nonprofit organizations

Denver offers numerous opportunities both to find communities and to support existing communities with your time, money, and skills. The center on Colfax has long been a safe queer place in Capitol Hill (and the largest of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region); They host events all year round, but especially during Pride. A Colorado is dedicated to LGBTQ equality, particularly in relation to health care, in the state; you can volunteer Here. If you are specifically looking for transgender support groups and services Queer asterisk, Support for transgender youth education in Colorado, and Rockies Transgender Center are good places to start (you can donate to any of these nonprofits, too).

And of course this list would not be complete without it Denver pride (produced by The Center of Colfax), the city’s annual gathering in late June. The 2021 celebrations will be a hybrid of some virtual and some in-person events (also known as Pride hubs), mostly held on the weekend of June 26-27. Find these pride hubs Here, register for the Pride 5K Here, and sign up for the parade Here. All donate Sent to Denver Pride goes direct to the Colfax center. Accordingly, this is also the first year that Denver is celebrating Black pride, a June series of events co-hosted by The Center on Colfax, Youth Seen, and the Juneteenth Music Festival.

Union Hall DenverCourtesy Union Hall Denver

Support local queer art and culture

Denver has long been a city where artistic influences from the West, Southwest and Midwest clash. It’s a one-of-a-kind cocktail of style and perspective, and two exhibitions this Pride Month illustrate this: “Us“, A group exhibition that can be seen at Bitfactory from June 18, and”Loving You“, A photo exhibition by MaryV Benoit, now on view at Union Hall through July 10th. We recommend both of you to pay a visit this month.

Denver also has its own queer film festival called CinemaQ Film Festival (August 26-29) and one of the Pride Hubs on June 27 serves as a kind of taste of the festival (information on both events can be found here). Here).

Hamburger MarysCourtesy Hamburger Mary

Eat and drink your way around Capitol Hill

Did you know that there are only 15 lesbian bars left in the whole country? ICYMI, this is kind of a crisis for the community, and it just so happens that Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is home to one of them: Blush & Blue. Stop by for a drink any night of the week, and while you’re on Colfax, check out the nearby places X BAR and Charlie’s Denver (the latter is western theme). Triangle denver is also a short walk away, tucked away in the old historic Triangle Lounge.

If you’re the party type, you may or may not have heard of it Babes in Denver (BAD), a monthly women’s party traces that claims to be the largest of its kind in the United States. Currently, these parties are held every first Friday of the month and vaccinated people are allowed to attend without a mask. Even though BAD is technically a women’s party, everyone is welcome.

Last but not least, there is one more thing to say for a good old fashioned burger and fries. If that’s your fancy, don’t spend a minute in Denver before you go Hamburger Marys, the gay restaurant and bar, just a stone’s throw away from the queer bar scene on Colfax. Obviously this place is perfect for a late night fried fried meal after bar hopping. Do we have to say more?

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Emma Banks is a contributor for Thrillist.