DENVER (CBS4) – Parcel theft usually increases over the holidays, but the pandemic has vans working overtime. According to the Denver Police Department, 1,167 cases of package theft have been reported so far in 2020.

(Credit: Denver Police)

“We know that there will be an upward trend,” says Christine Downs, DPD spokeswoman. “Be a good witness. Find out what they look like, where they are going, what they do, and give that information to the police. “

When a woman followed Jax Gratton through the door of her downtown apartment building, she didn’t think much about it. After remembering the rise in crime in the area, Jax made a U-turn.

“When I went back, she was on the floor and opened 8 packages in about 20 seconds,” said Gratton.

The security footage of her building shows the woman searching the mail.

(Image credit: Jax Gratton)

As of December 1, Denver police received 127 reports of package theft. Tired of seeing their neighbors fall victim to them, Gratton followed the package thief out of the building despite the 911 warning.

“They told me to sit down and stay safe. As this happened over and over again, I knew this person wouldn’t get caught, ”Gratton said.

Gratton recorded the woman several blocks from a safe distance and yelled for security and help after calling 911 and speaking to a security guard downtown.

“[Jax] realized they were doing suspicious activity and called the police. That’s what we want people to do, “Downs explained. Jax told CBS4’s Tori Mason that she knew there was a risk going beyond it. “I think the greatest thing is to protect yourself, but I know that I’ve put myself in a dangerous position.”

After alerting DPD, Jax continued to follow the thief until the police arrived.

(Credit: Denver Police)

Jax was expecting a package, but her things weren’t taken. However, she was able to help regain medicines from her blind neighbor and others.

DPD arrested the alleged thief Madeline Grace Riley later that evening for burglary.

DPD has put together a list of tips to ensure that you receive your package before pirates arrive on the veranda:

  1. Track your package so you can be home when it arrives and make sure a signature is required.
  2. Have it sent to your work place or the home of a family or friend who is more likely to be home.
  3. Let the shipping company keep your package and pick it up at a sorting point.
  4. Have it sent to a self-service locker so you can pick up the package as you wish.