The global architecture, design and engineering office aims to take advantage of the favorable business climate and the increasing demand for business-oriented design solutions

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M Moser Associates, a global architecture, design and engineering firm, today announced the opening of its Denver, CO office. This move is inspired by the region’s economic growth and increasing customer demand for business-oriented architecture and design solutions. Over the past 40 years, M Moser has created holistic, people-centered spaces for many of the world’s most successful companies.

“Denver is an attractive regional hub because of its central US location, access to a deep talent pool and rich history in modern office design,” said John Sellery, group managing director at M Moser and proud Denver resident. “The marketplace has become a magnet for many of M Moser’s high-growth customers and industries – technology and science, healthcare, oil and gas, aerospace and more – who require a new approach to architecture and design – one, which seamlessly integrates the physical, digital and social needs of your employees. “

The Denver office is headed by Eric Lind (director), a self-proclaimed Denver transplant native who has lived in the city for more than 30 years. He works with Laura Walsh (Senior Associate, Client Services), a third generation Coloradan who has lived in Denver all her life. Together, they bring a variety of architectural and design expertise, a deep understanding of the region’s culture and business environment, and a real appreciation for the lifestyle that Denver offers.

In 2019, Forbes ranked Denver the fourth best city in the country for business and careers, and the region is consistently a top place to live. M Moser’s move also comes at a time when workplaces are looking to return to the office after a year of major changes in the way when and where people work. The region’s unwavering commitment to work-life balance and employee well-being makes it fertile ground for designing world-class environments and strategies for dynamic, fast-growing companies.

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“People who live in and around Denver value the connection with nature and the natural beauty of their physical environment – both of which have a huge impact on how we attract the best and brightest talent in the area,” said Lind. “Whether you look out at the Rocky Mountains from your office window or go on a hike – our relationship with nature and the definition of workplace cultures throughout the city make our job so special and rewarding.”

The entrepreneurial and experimental mindset that drives success in Mile High City is in line with M Moser’s approach to creating exploration designs and helping organizations and their employees realize their growth potential. With a local team of longtime residents backed by the collective creativity of the global organization, M Moser Denver is positioned to have an indelible impact on the direction of architecture, design and customer service in the marketplace.

M Moser’s Denver offices are located at 1001 Bannock Street, Suite 231, Denver, CO. Further information on the company and career opportunities can be found at

John Sellery, Group Managing Director at M Moser, Eric Lind, Director at M Moser in Denver and Laura Walsh, Senior Associate, Client Services at M Moser in Denver

M Moser Associates is a global architecture, design, strategy and delivery company with more than 1,000 professionals networked in Asia, India, Europe and America. Since 1981 we have helped transform businesses large and small as they have expanded locally and globally, providing solutions that meet the unique needs of their business and their employees. Work is happening everywhere today, and the purpose of the office and the role it plays for employees are evolving. We believe that a company’s physical workplace is now more than ever an essential resource for creating, socializing and building culture. At M Moser we work as an integrated team to coordinate the physical, social and digital elements of your workplace and to create healthy, agile and resilient virtual and physical spaces where people can connect, work together and do their best work – wherever always they are. To learn more about our team and how we work with customers and industry partners to create dynamic, resilient, and people-centric environments, please visit

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