DENVER (CBS4) – On Saturday in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver, it seemed like a small group of people were preparing for a small quiet event. They quietly decorated their cars for a “cadre of voters”. A motorcade promoting voting rights in the United States.

It was organized by APIA Votes Colorado, an Asian and Pacific islander group that campaigns for voting rights.

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Her executive director, Giselle Rushford, put forward her plan.

(Credit: CBS)

“We will slowly drive towards the capital and then come back here.”

That calm, relaxed demeanor they’d started with wouldn’t last long. As they moved, their honking and screaming could be heard in the distance.

“We’re going to be making a lot of noise,” warned Rushford.

She says that they organized this demonstration because they feel that the people’s right to vote is being attacked.

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“There are over 360 initiatives and laws trying to get passed in Colorado across the country,” she said.

One person who showed up to show support was Blaine Baggao with his “Adobo” food truck. He says people should be able to participate in democracy if they are entitled.

(Credit: CBS)

“I think every voice is important and trusting that everyone knows their voice is important is a very important thing,” he said.

As they demonstrated across the city center, they did so under the watchful gaze of the late Congressman John Lewis, who gave his life to ensure that all Americans could vote.

Rushford says she thinks Lewis appreciates her efforts.

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“He’s probably sad that we still have to do it, but he’s glad we do,” she said.