DENVER – Denver police arrested a man Monday in connection with a May 7th murder.

23-year-old Jeremy Polito is being held on a first-degree murder investigation into the death of 37-year-old Carl Kern.

At around 7:53 a.m. on May 7, police responded to reports from a drunk person, waist down naked, yelling at children on 10700 East Dartmouth Avenue.

Upon arrival, officials located the 37-year-old victim where a gunshot wound to the chest had occurred and he was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

A witness who lives in the apartment complex where the shooting took place told police that he heard interference and what he believed to be a female voice saying sternly, “Don’t do that …”

The witness said he then heard knocking and kicking on a door and then a “bang” that sounded like a gunshot, according to the explanation of the likely cause.

The suspect lived in the apartment. Police interviewed Polito at his unit during the investigation. At the suspect’s home, police said they saw a see-through bag with spent rifle cartridges. According to the police document, they also observed foil and narcotics packaging in his unit.

While the police were still there, witnesses came forward and told the police that Polito’s apartment was “a problem” and that they knew he was dealing drugs, the document says.

A search warrant was issued in Polito’s apartment and police said they found a Smith and Wesson .38 special revolver and four rounds and two shell casings in the gun itself.

Police said the bullet removed from the victim was similar to the bullets found in Polito’s apartment.

Police arrested the suspect at around 4:40 p.m. Monday after being dropped off at 888 South Onida Street.