A man faces multiple prosecutions, including attempted murder, after multiple accidents in Denver late last month.

Tyler Hazell, 23, was charged with 15 charges in connection with several January 30 incidents that began at a fast food restaurant near downtown, prosecutors said in a press release on Wednesday.

Tyler Hazell

Six victims, including two Denver police officers (one of whom was in the process of moving a prisoner), were involved.

At around 8:30 p.m., officials were called to Burger King at 1010 W. Colfax Ave. called for a reported malfunction between a man and the staff, as evidenced by an affidavit. Suspect Hazell reportedly escaped in a Honda pilot in 2003 before officers arrived.

Hazell stopped at a red light in Colfax on Delaware Street and then allegedly turned back two blocks in the east-facing lanes, the affidavit said. Hazell reportedly stopped at a black Honda Civic, rolled down his window and yelled at the Honda driver, “Race me or die.”

The “scared” driver started. Hazell reportedly tracked her vehicle, “ramming the back of her car” and the passenger side several times. Hazell then fled and the victim called 911, the affidavit said.

Once, on 14th Avenue, Hazell allegedly drove onto a sidewalk and tried to hit two pedestrians, beating and injuring a man. On the 1400 block of Delaware Street, Hazell deliberately “rammed” a flagged Denver police car with a “prisoner” in it, the report said.

He then allegedly drove a short distance south on Delaware and, according to the affidavit, met another marked patrol car. Hazell reportedly drove off and returned to the Burger King parking lot, where the incident allegedly began and where he rammed an unoccupied, parked pickup truck.

The affidavit stated that Hazell then fled police officers who had activated emergency lights and sirens and drove east to where his battered vehicle came to a halt on the 7800 block of Quebec Way. There he was taken into custody and taken to Denver Health Medical Center.

The suspect is charged with the criminal attempt to commit first degree murder, first and second degree assault, threats and criminal mischief. The prosecution has also charged Hazell with two bias criminal offenses. He is suspected of targeting a victim based on their perceived sexual orientation.

Hazell is due to appear in court on Thursday.