Meow Wolf Denver is a fascinating art experience where worlds converge, portals and wormholes exist and guests control the environment. This fall, it will move from a temporary installment to a permanent exhibition.

Meow Wolf Denver has found a permanent home in a brand new “sleepy pizza” building that matches its quirky, dazzling nature. The attraction has 4 floors with interactive exhibits, each connected by “secret passages” that serve as routes for “vertical travel”.

The attraction is the work of hundreds of artists, including 110 artists from Meow Wolf’s home state of Colorado, whose mission was to create dozens of “converged worlds” for visitors to explore. A further 79 projects are presented in the building, as well as an original mural by Nate Gutierrez, supported by a score by Cole Bee Wilson.

Meow Wolf Denver Art Boards

Meow Wolf has partnered with Moment Factory, a leading provider of projection mapping and interactive technology, to create the live performance experience “that transforms the venue into a fascinating space of discovery where guests can explore and influence the art around them “Says Alexandre Lupien, creative director at Moment Factory.

The locale is filled with projection maps during the day, which becomes a venue for concerts and events at night. Guests can dine at the Meow Wolf Café on site. The takeaway and meal menus are inspired by eclectic Denver cuisine. The fast-casual outlet brings together local food and beverage manufacturers with a shared vision of inclusivity and the blending of cultures.

Installation of Meow Wolf Denver Cathedral

A large gift shop has over 1,500 unique items, from T-shirts to original artwork by local artists from Denver and beyond.

This is the third installment in the Meow Wolf portfolio, alongside Santa Fe’s House of Eternal Return and Las Vegas Omega Mart.

Todd Richins, Executive Creative Producer at Meow Wolf, describes the Denver location as the company’s most ambitious project to date. From our partnership with local artists and staff to the retail and grocery areas within our walls, Meow Wolf Denver is an immersive and imaginative one-stop art experience that will last forever. “

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