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No sooner had Denver been approved by the state to begin certifying companies under its five-star certification program. This would allow approved spots to operate with restrictions one notch below the county’s official location on the COVID-19 dial of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. as Governor Jared Polis announced a revamped Dial 2.0 that will allow Denver and all other subway districts to automatically switch from Level Orange to Level Yellow at 9 a.m. starting today, February 6th.

This means increased occupancy in many businesses, including restaurants, gyms, retail stores, and offices. As a result, restaurants across the city are preparing to expand their dining room seating to 50 percent capacity. And the hours can also lengthen if the last call is moved from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. The safety precautions remain in place. In fact, Polis just extended the mask mandate for another month.

The commentators were quick to respond to the news on the Westword Facebook post, covering Polis’ February 5 announcement: Amber says:

Thank you Polis !! Because of you, we are moving in the right direction to open up again !! You have my voice!

Nick counter:

Oh, a new dial … nice colors … that should put the virus off.

Comments Kyle:

If they don’t completely remove everything, who cares? You’ll likely get back to Level Orange next month anyway, and you’ll still have to wear a mask even if you get vaccinated. I’m not sure why this is something to celebrate.

Eric answers:

Some of us work in restaurants and our wages are HARDLY affected by the red and orange capacity constraints. Yes, this is a great reason to celebrate.

Asks Matt:

Are people really trying to go out? I haven’t been to a restaurant in over a year and I still am in no rush to go anywhere. It still gets delivered just for me until people stop killing each other while living in denial about it.

Warns Aaron:

Human lives depend on this being the right decision. New infections after the restrictions are relaxed will be carefully investigated. We’re so close to beating COVID. Now is not the time to be sloppy.

Notes Michael:

The number of cases is falling with the introduction of the vaccine, and perhaps more importantly, the child-like public who could not give up their Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings are no longer socialized at home. Could actually be better for people meeting at restaurants where the conditions can be made as safe as possible. Just a thought.

Wonder Linda:

So do we have permission to defend ourselves against the anti-mask idiots if they try to hit us? Not that I need it. I just don’t want to lose my job AND break a nail if I bounce their asses. AND … do we get “hero wages”? Do we get the next round of vaccinations? What is in it for us, except for a group of “legitimate” people who stand above science and the law?

Answers Ben:

What’s in it for you is just a little more of your livelihood back. Praise, dear governor.

As companies prepare for CDPHE Dial 2.0 rollout, Denver is still evaluating the impact of the new state regulation on its 5-star certification program as even certified companies will not be able to operate with blue-level restrictions – the next level down the dial – until 70 percent of all people over the age of seventy were vaccinated nationwide. For more information on the city’s response, visit Denver5Star.org.

What do you think of Polis’ move? Are you going to a restaurant this weekend?

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