GLENDALE, Colorado (CBS4) – Glendale police are searching for a minivan and its occupants after the driver hit and injured a police officer who was standing in front of his patrol car overnight. It happened just after 2 a.m. at the HomeTowne Studios Hotel on 4850 Leetsdale Drive

The policeman was taken to the hospital and released a few hours later after the treatment.

Authorities said a Chrysler Town and Country was discovered in the hotel parking lot during a routine patrol. It was put back in a parking lot where the reversing lights were still on. There were four people inside and an officer who went over to find out what was going on said the driver looked like he was slumped over the steering wheel.

The police described what happened next in a press release: “The vehicle was reversing and the driver’s foot was on the brake. The officer parked his patrol car in front of the minivan to prevent it from driving away, asked other officers to help and tried to wake the driver of the vehicle. The driver initially did not react. The officer was finally able to contact the driver and opened the driver’s door of the minivan. The driver appeared to be very intoxicated and refused to follow the officers’ instructions to park the vehicle. After a short time, the driver looked away from the officer, set the vehicle in motion and accelerated sharply. “

Immediately after the minivan left the room, it hit two patrol cars and then hit the officer with the back of the vehicle as it escaped.

Look out: Glendale Police are looking for a gold Chrysler Town and Country minivan. Idaho license plate K571711. The driver of the vehicle is wanted as a vehicle attack on a police officer.

– Glendale CO Police (@Glendale_PD_CO) January 29, 2021

Anyone who spots the minivan is asked to call 911 or contact the Glendale Police Department at 303-759-1511. With the Idaho license plate K571711, it was described as gold.