LAKEWOOD, Colorado (CBS4) – A dry fire began in Lakewood early on Sunday afternoon in dry and windy conditions and evacuations continued throughout the afternoon. They were picked up at 6:30 p.m., but pre-evacuation notices will apply to those at home until further notice.

The Morrison Road Fire burned for about 100 acres and shortly after 4 p.m. authorities said the fire was mostly out. It appears to have badly damaged Fox Hollow Golf Course, but no structures have been threatened.

(Image credit: Brandon Bartges)

Investigators say the fire was human-caused, although it is not known whether it was accidental or deliberate. They ask drivers who were on Morrison Road around 1:30 p.m. and saw the fire on the south side of the road to call (303) 539-9531.

#MorrisonRoadFire was found to be human-caused, but it is not known whether it was accidental or deliberate. Anyone with information can contact West Metro at (303) 539-9531. This video shows what the fire looked like in the past, driven by the wind.

– WestMetroFire (@WestMetroFire) February 8, 2021

“A lot of people think Colorado has a fire season. Actually, there is no fire season in Colorado, we just need to have the right conditions for a fire. Today’s conditions were of paramount importance for such a fire, ”said Ronda Scholting, West Metro Fire’s Public Information Officer.

The fire was on the golf course and near Bear Creek Lake Park, and residential areas that needed evacuation were in the Fox Hollow and Homestead neighborhoods.

Most of the #MorrisonRoadFire is off, the crews are still working on hotspots in drains. There is structural protection, but no structures are currently threatened. Evacuation is ongoing in Fox Hollow and Homestead neighborhoods.

– WestMetroFire (@WestMetroFire) February 7, 2021

The fire released a large cloud of smoke that could be seen from many parts of the Denver area. According to official information, no firefighters were injured and no houses were damaged.

The Denver subway area, especially the foothills, experienced strong winds for most of the weekend, including Sunday when the fire started.

Widespread strong wind that keeps the front area warm – but keeps the risk of fire increased. The crews are currently fighting a large grass fire on Morrison Road. #COwx # 4wx

– Chris Spears (@ ChrisCBS4) February 7, 2021

Chris Spears, CBS4 meteorologist, says the approximate wind speed in the area at the time the fire was started was between 35 and 50 miles per hour.

“If you look at the potential that this fire could have done, it was a very successful day in my opinion,” said Scholting.