DENVER, May 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Office Evolution, the nation’s largest provider of locally owned and operated flexible workspaces, is seeing increased demand for flexible office space due to remote working caused by pandemics.

As employees and business owners alike get tired of hybrid work situations, Office is Evolution’s Denver The locations are conveniently located and offer an eclectic mix of Colorado Small businesses and entrepreneurs have the resources and space they need to help their businesses thrive. Office Evolution is the fastest growing coworking franchisor in the US and now has 15 locations in the Denver-Colorado Springs area.

“Working from home was originally seen as a temporary solution to Covid-19 restrictions. However, we are currently seeing businesses and employees looking for an alternative to working from home,” he said Andrea Pirrotti, CMO and CDO from Office Evolution. “Employers want their employees to be happy and engaged, and employees want minutes from their homes. There’s a lot of interest in the area because Office Evolution can provide a mix of work environments in one place that is easily accessible can be accessed. ”

At the end of the pandemic, Office Evolution’s national network of locally operated locations has given its members access to secure, flexible workspaces where they can innovate and work together to improve business performance. The brand’s nationwide presence has grown significantly during the pandemic as businesses of all sizes shift their focus to flexible workspaces to avoid getting expensive leases on traditional office space. This transition from traditional workspaces to more flexible options in suburban markets has positioned Office Evolution perfectly for further growth.

“Office Evolution’s practical solutions are exactly what businesses are looking for if they continue to do hybrid and remote work,” he said Highlight inhibitors, CEO and founder of Office Evolution. “For many, working from home wasn’t the work utopia they envisioned. With 15 franchise and company-run locations ColoradoWe have the capacity and the means to meet the increased demand for office space. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we’ve been an essential resource for local professionals who need a space to thrive in. ”

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Founded in 2003 and since 2012 franchising the Colorado-based company is the largest provider of locally owned and operated flexible workspaces in The United States. Office Evolution has more than 70 open locations, 140 units sold in markets across the country, and is set to grow as the demand for affordable and safe workplaces continues to grow near home. Every day, Office Evolution provides inspiration for a network of dreamers, risk takers and doers across the country. According to a JLL report, Office Evolution continues to lead the workplace transformation, where nearly 30 percent of all office space is expected to become shared office space by 2030. Office Evolution currently operates in 25 states across the country. For more information on Office Evolution, visit

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