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OSRS Zalcano Guide For Beginners

Sep 1

Zalcano is a new skilling boss that came with the Song of the Elves update, and it’s already being hailed as one of the best ways to make more OSRS gold. You should take out Zalcano more efficiently to increase both experience and drop rates for this non-combat skilling boss.

What is Zalcano?

Zalcano is Skotizo's sister who was captured by elves during the God Wars. She lives under Prifddinas and her chamber can be entered freely to fight with a pickaxe since she only dies from mining when you have weakened her defenses using your pickaxe or with the help of Tephra.

The drop system in Zalcano is a bit complicated, but it should be noted that players are rewarded based on their performance within the instance. The player with the most actions taken and damage dealt will receive an extra special drop that is worth much more than any other reward they might obtain from this game mode.

This OSRS pet only has a chance to spawn for one individual as well; however, if you manage to get your hands on one of these pets during gameplay then consider yourself lucky because not many people can say they obtained such an incredible prize.

Best Gear for Facing Zalcano in OSRS

A few approaches to the type of gear you need for Zalcano include preserving run energy or improving mining efficiency since armor and weapons aren’t required.

For a safer play experience, it is recommended to use a graceful outfit. This can be paired with either a Falador Shield or prayer book for an even more sturdy approach. Hardcore Ironmen may want to consider bringing along their phoenix necklace in case of unexpected events while playing on this mini-game because it's not as safe and you might lose your items.

If you want to maximize your mining experience, equip yourself with Varrock Armour and a Mining Cape. Also, use the Crystal Pickaxe for an increased speed in chugging stamina potions.

How to Defeat Zalcano

Mining, smithing, and runecrafting are the three steps to take down Zalcano. But be careful! You have to avoid taking damage while you do these things or else it won't work.

Crafting Tephra is a simple process. First, you will need to run to one of the corners in the room where there’s a glowing rock formation and mine it briefly. Then you can proceed to create refined Tephra at an eastern furnace before running westward towards western altar for imbuing with runecrafting.

In order to defeat Zalcano, you will need to mine her with your pickaxe while the blue demonic partner is on-screen. If there's one nearby, stand on it so that throwing Tephra at her has a higher chance of hitting its target. Once she loses all health from repeated hits by other party members and yours using Tephra as well as mining attacks (hitting), she'll die or retreat for good.