The outdoor retailer is taking additional precautions to ensure attendees are safe when the in-person format returns in August. These precautions include temperature checks and face masks.

Today organizers announced the health and safety plan for the upcoming event, which will take place August 10-12 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. In the plan, which includes precautions beyond those required by the government and local authorities, the outdoor retailer stated that the temperature of all attendees must be checked and that face masks are required for anyone entering the building . Only children under the age of 2 are not required to wear a mask and one will be provided for attendees if required.

Additionally, OR said it designed the show with unidirectional entrances and exits to allow for social distancing. disinfects all seating, toilets and frequently touched public areas on a daily basis; medical staff will be available to assist those who feel unexpectedly ill at the show; The exhibitors have access to improved cleaning and disinfection services for their stands.

Additionally, Outdoor Retailer said there will be no hugs or handshakes due to its no-contact policy.

Upon arrival, the organizers suggest that participants allow additional time both upon arrival and when making an appointment. There are transparent barriers to the registration desks and it is confirmed that attendees will be asked to confirm and accept their terms and conditions before receiving IDs.

Outdoor Retailer announced in February that it would be returning to the in-person event this summer – although it was postponed from June to August – after having to hold multiple events virtually due to COVID-19. Marisa Nicholson, SVP for outdoor retailer and show director, gave the reason Pushing back the show to allow time for a safe in-person event, giving exhibitors and attendees ample time to schedule attendance and “provide more security for the opportunity to gather and do business together.”

Although OR will return in August, it won’t be the first fair to bring people back this year. In February, the Atlanta Shoe Market returned to the Cobb Galleria Center. Prior to the event, organizers confirmed that at least 463 exhibitors had registered to attend, which is 30-35% less than a typical year, said Laura Conwell O’Brien, general manager of the Atlanta Shoe Market. And as in the operating room, masks were mandatory for all participants. “If you don’t want to wear it, you will be asked to go. It’s that simple, ”said O’Brien. “We have to respect each other.”