Many Colorado restaurants offer ready-made take-away and meal set options that customers can use to support businesses. As of October 27th, Denver orders will require the current restaurant capacity to be reduced from 50% to 25%. We have made a list of restaurants with creative, varied and even unusual dishes (with drinks to be completed) that you can enjoy at home for any occasion.

These meals and kits are designed for home cooking, reheating from frozen, and assembly. As a result, not all of the restaurants currently serving take-away are listed. Many of these options can be ordered online as indicated on each restaurant’s website.

This list is updated frequently to be current and more comprehensive as information becomes available.

* Editor’s note: If the situation changes, be sure to check each restaurant’s websites or social media channels for restaurant-specific updates.

Photo courtesy of Ace.

Where: 501 E. 17th Ave., Denver

To order: 303-800-7705 or go here

The lowdown: The meal sets include miso soup, Thai coconut curry saag paneer and much more. You can also add stacked cocktails.

Photo courtesy Baba & Pop’s Handmade Pierogi.

Where: 9945 E. Colfax Ave., Aurora

To order: 720-476-7183 or go here

The lowdown: Frozen pierogies by the dozen come in different varieties, including classic potatoes and cheese, pulled pork, tomatoes, basil and mozzarella, and gluten-free. You’re ready to cook and pan-fry.

Photo courtesy of the Barcelona Wine Bar on Facebook.

Where: 2900 Larimer St., Denver

To order: 303-816-3300 or go here.

The lowdown: Take-away options include a paella kit, charcuterie, tapas, salads, large plates, desserts, beer, wine, and cocktails.

Pamesan chicken. Photo courtesy Bar Dough.

Where: 2227 W 32nd Ave., Denver

To order: 720-668-8506 or go here

The lowdown: In addition to the dinner menu, there is a family meal ($ 35 or less for two to three people) with a choice of Chicken Parmesan with Large Bucatini, Eggplant Parmesan with Large Bucatini, or Bucatini with Meatballs, served with garlic bread and salad. Add wine, cocktails, and dessert.

Photo by Alden Bonecutter.

Where: 3030 E. Sixth Ave., Denver

To order: 303-393-1040 or go here

The lowdown: Barolo’s roadside pickup arrangements include pasta for two (pasta and sauce with cooking instructions), coffee, and a glass of homemade ice cream.

Photo courtesy of Bartaco on Facebook.

Where: 1048 Pearl St., Boulder

To order: 719-249-8226 or go here

The lowdown: Family Packs are available in two versions: taco kit (up to 16 tacos) and roast chicken kit with salsa verde, french fries and three side dishes to choose from: pineapple, spicy cucumber salad, black beans, brown rice, street corn with Elote clothing, Asian coleslaw, kimchi and tortillas.

Photo by Brittany Werges.

Where: 2843 Larimer St., Denver

To order: 303-749-0020 or go here

The lowdown: Our home for you is a $ 50 per person dinner (standard and vegetarian options) with extras – bouquets, drinks, beer, wine and cocktails.

Mussels in the Bistro Vendôme. Photo by Adrienne Thomas.

Where: 1420 Larimer St., Denver

To order: 303-825-3232 or go here

The lowdown: The French restaurant called Bistro on Wheels offers starters, sausages, salads, main courses, steak fries, desserts, cocktails and brunch kits – think, quiche and croque monsieur on Saturdays and Sundays.

Photo courtesy of Cafe Aion on Facebook.

Where: 1235 Pennsylvania Ave., Boulder

To order: 303-993-8131 or go here

The lowdown: The paella kit, Spanish and Moroccan picnic kits and meals are served for two to three and four to six people.

Photo courtesy of Cattivella.

Where: 10195 E. 29. Dr., Denver

To order: 303-645-3779 or go here

The lowdown: Choose a whole roast chicken with bread, salad, pasta or egg whites and dessert for a family meal, or opt for wood-fired pizza and other main dishes.

Photo courtesy of Centro Mexican Kitchen on Facebook.

Where: Various locations in Boulder and Denver

To order:: Centro Mexican Cuisine / Jax Fish House / LOLA Coastal Mexicans

The lowdown: Assemble Centro breakfast burritos, taco boards, enchiladas, and taco kits. Jax offers a wide variety of ready-made meals, from burgers to mussels to lobster rolls and much more. LOLA’s fame is a paella meal set that even comes with its own paella pan.

DiFranco's gluten-free chicken parm sandwich

Photo by Danielle Webster.

Where: 955 N. Lincoln St., Denver

To order: 720-253-1244 or go here

The lowdown: Choose from the Italian date dinner kit (salad, main course, cannoli and wine for two), lasagna for two to three people, fresh pasta, sauces and product boxes.

Frasca food and wine / Tavernettta

Preparation of the Frasca At Home video guide. Photo courtesy of Frasca Food & Wine on Facebook.

Where: Locations in Boulder and Denver

To order: Frasca food and wine / Tavernettta

The lowdown: Frasca At Home offers themed dinner kits with recipes, chef-led video tutorials, and virtual tasting notes. Tavernetta To Go offers starters, pasta, sauces, cheese and extras.

Chook chicken and side dishes. Photo by Alden Bonecutter.

Where: Various locations in Denver

To order: Fruit / Merchant / Chook

The lowdown: Enjoy a variety of main courses, side dishes and desserts (Fruition, Mercantile) and fried chicken dishes for one, two and four people, Booyah Stew Kit, party sizes, side dishes, sauces and desserts (Chook).

Pastrami sandwich. Photo by Brittni Bell Warshaw.

Where: 123 W. 12th St., Denver

To order: 303-325-5691 or go here

The lowdown: Browse through picnic boxes, grill kits, packed lunches, sandwiches, cheese, bread, side dishes, and sausages.

Luca meatball. Photo by Alden Bonecutter.

Where: Various locations in Denver

To order: Lou’s Food Bar / Luca / Mizuna / Osteria Marco / Russell’s smokehouse

The lowdown: Bonanno Concepts offers many options for the meal set – there is Lou’s Sunday Roast Chicken with side dishes and birthday cake to share, Luca Sunday Family Meal, pizza, dry pasta, sauces and bottled wine, Mizuna At Home three-course menu (with cocktails and wine additives), Osteria Marco Weekend Family Meal and Monday and Tuesday Pizza Nights for two to four people (salad, pizza, wine and dessert for $ 50) plus Russell’s Smokehouse Picnic Tote (with a choice of wine or beer) and grilled meat per pound.

Pick up at the roadside. Photo courtesy of Marczyk Fine Foods on Facebook.

Where: 770 E. 17th Ave., 5100 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

To order: 303-894-9499 (17th Ave.), 303-243-3355 (Colfax)

The lowdown: Marczyk’s offers Niman Ranch Burger Night to-go kits for two and four people, deli sandwiches, side dishes (salads, vegetables) and frozen meals like chicken enchiladas, lasagna and penne. Schedule roadside pick-up for orders here as well.

Photo courtesy Noble Riot.

Where: 1336 27th St.

To order: 303-993-5330 or go here

The lowdown: Satisfy your fried chicken cravings with small and large chicken buckets and fried chicken sandwiches. You can also choose a burger, sausage board, focaccia, fries, and devil on horseback appetizers.

Osaka ramen kit. Photo by Brittany Werges.

Where: 2611 Walnut St., Denver

To order: 303-955-7938 or go here

The lowdown: Home ramen kits are becoming a favorite midweek soup dinner this fall and winter. The kits include broth, noodles, and side dishes for the classic options of chicken, shoyu, tonkotsu, and vegetables, as well as a seasonal offer (currently green chilli and chorizo).

Photo courtesy of Señor Bear on Facebook.

Where: 3301 Tejon St., Denver

To order: 720-572-5997 or go here

The lowdown: Opt for a dinner menu or a bear basket, a chef-selected three-course meal for $ 50 per person. The baskets include two starters, a large and a small main course with two sides and a dessert. Cocktails, mocktails, margaritas and more can be added.

Photo by Kyle Cooper.

Where: 200 Columbine St. # 110, Denver

To order: 303-953-2208 or go here

The lowdown: Party packs ($ 65) serve up to five people and come with a six-serving bottle of house margarita. Packages include guacamole, chicken Caesar salad made with cotija cheese and avocado, and six street tacos with a choice of two proteins – grilled chicken, carnitas, and sweet potato with black beans.

Radish. Photo by Luke Crosby.

Where: 1165 S. Broadway, Denver

To order: 720-502-5681 or go here

The lowdown: Choose a four-course meal (focaccia, roasted vegetables or salad, pasta, and a biscuit for $ 25) and pick up market sauces, butter, condiments, and desserts.

Photo courtesy of Spuntino.

Where: 2639 W. 32nd Ave., Denver

To order: 303-433-0949 or go here

The lowdown: At home you can easily prepare a meal with focaccia, olives and a picnic basket with meat and cheese as a starter, pasta, samosas and for dessert with ice cream, cake slices and truffles and serve with wines, beers and liquors in the bottle or cocktail kits to prepare.

Photo by Alden Bonecutter.

Where: 2736 Welton St., Denver

To order: 303-296-6602

The lowdown: Try wing dinners, fried chicken, catfish, and shrimp main courses, and plates of smothered pork chops and jerk chicken.

For more information, check out these grocery halls where you can find meal set pickup options – Avanti, Avanti Boulder, Denver Central Market, Denver Milk Market, Junction Food and Drink, The Source, and Stanley Marketplace.