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The first safe campsites in Denver opened last December. Although the city continues to plan to establish facilities under the Safe Outdoor Spaces program, both are on private land and run by nonprofit organizations. There is now a proposal for a third location that will replace the first two. This is located in the parking lot of the Park Hill United Methodist Church (together with Temple Micah) in South Park Hill.

This is a completely different neighborhood, and there was a public meeting this week to discuss the proposal. Readers have also shared their thoughts in comments on the Westword Facebook page. Joe says:

Park Hill’s suggestion is a good idea. We cannot avoid the reality of our city’s challenges, but sometimes we need a visible reminder.

Counter Sarah:

If the homeless who camp in front of the Capitol, where politicians work every day, don’t change anything, I don’t see what it will be like.

Answers Patty:

Some people will never understand if they re-exposed Republican / Conservative anti-poor stereotypical speeches about homeless people. A bunch of farmers licking rich people. Still, it should be done because it is the right thing to do and homeless people still deserve dignity and security. It is sad that this needs to be said.

Suggests Gregory:

Homelessness will not be resolved until people find a way to make money from the solution. until then they stay.

Adds Jonah:

Funny how you spend so much money on something and nothing changes, but that’s the point when you haven’t figured it out, but people who say they want to help the homeless will never really fix it because of it is a scam, they are making money and don’t want the problem to stop or they would be unemployed!

Comments Sean:

Keep this shit on and Denver will look like San Francisco. Idiots.

Asks Ramona:

What would Jesus do?

Conclusion Jay:

Next stop … Washington Park.

“We feel called to do so. We feel that we are following Jesus and his life and example and the things he taught – one of those things is dealing with people, managing them, and giving them relief In some ways, that’s really a lot that Christianity is about, at least for me, “said Steve Holz-Russell, a member of Park Hill United Methodist Church, chairman of the ward’s missionary and social justice team.

What do you think of the Park Hill proposal? Leave a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]

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