DENVER (CBS4) – Passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 328 described the terrifying moments after an engine blown.

(Credit: CBS)

“Suddenly there was a loud noise. I thought lightning hit the plane
first, ”said Nate Fisher of Elizabeth.

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Dan Smith of Portland, Maine told CBS4, “It was pretty panicked at first, but I think people have calmed down well.”

Denver-based Bob Brown was dating his wife and taped a video while he was watching this
Window on the right engine. Their feeling couldn’t be called trust.

“We looked at each other, my wife and I, and wished our children we would see them again,” he said.

He took more photos when the fire was out and went back up later.

Passengers described debris falling from the aircraft to the ground as
The crew stabilized the aircraft.

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Danielle Thomas, who lives in Honolulu, has credited the crew.

“I think the pilots had a big hand in making everyone feel safe and comfortable,” said Thomas.

Finally, with prayers and tears from passengers, United Flight 328 reached its unplanned destination – landing in Denver.

“Pure relief it was amazing,” said Dan Smith.

Rescue workers covered the engine with foam.

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Hours later, the passengers were preparing to make their way back to paradise.