The Denver lifestyle is far from country life and even further from life in the south, however Denver Biscuit Co. (DBC) brings us a little closer. Every imaginable variation of biscuits and sauce is offered in a casual atmosphere. DBC’s popularity is arguably the best hangover food in town, and ensures that queues hit the streets every weekend.

Their cookie sandwiches are a tough way to start the day. Try to be authentic The Colfax A ($ 8.95)– The Collard Greens pay tribute to the DBC’s regional roots. The Franklin ($ 9.95) has it all – bacon, gravy, cheese, and fried chicken. If you want a classic start to the day, try the namesake Cookies and Sauce ($ 8.25) and add a Egg ($ 1.25) for the full effect. Southerners will be shocked to find that the sauce doesn’t require soaking of spicy Louisiana sauce and mountains of pepper, as most attempts at this dish this far from the Mississippi require. The Atomic Bloody Mary ($ 8) Worth the name with Left Hand Milk Stout is one of the main ingredients. To really compliment the company, this is what you have to try homemade sweet tea ($ 3).

With three locations in Denver and one in Aurora, DBC is spread across the city. Each place has a relaxed, homely atmosphere that invites any Denverite or tourist. Revelry is recommended as there is an extensive selection of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages on offer every hour.

If you get there after 8 a.m. on the weekend, expect a wait – the Broadway, Colfax, and Stanley Market locations have great time-consuming activities, whether it’s record stores or shuffling through pharmacies. Whether you’re incredibly hungover or headed for the mountains, DBC will add a savory pace to your day.

Pro tip: Stanley Marketplace is the only DBC that serves biscuits all day.

The Denver Biscuit Company is located at 3237 E. Colfax., Denver; 141 S. Broadway., Denver, 4275 Tennyson St., Denver and 2501 Dallas St.,

All photographs by Alden Bonecutter