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The TBEX North America conference, considered the world’s largest travel blogger conference, begins today at the Keystone Resort, and VISIT DENVER’s Rich Grant is playing a key role in showcasing the region. But which local sights would he rather skip the writers? We asked, and he (unwise?) Made a suggestion that we added to our top ten list of places to check out to get a feel for the quirky side of Denver. Count them down. Number 10: A Senator’s Favorite DIA Bathroom The artwork at Denver International Airport inspired many conspiracy theories – but Idaho Senator Larry Craig received a different type of inspiration a few years ago when he reportedly tried to arrange a tryst in a DIA bathroom. Sex marks the point! Number 9: The Most Grateful Corner in Denver Last year, Westword employee Sensei Skywalker set out to identify the best smelling street corners in a city known for a specific skunky smell since the rise of the medical marijuana industry. The winner? West 6th Avene and North Kalamath Streets, on which she wrote: “The smell of ganja overwhelms every inch of this busy corner as a sea of ​​cars pours non-stop on and off Sixth Avenue. Pedestrians follow suit during an event held at the Battery on the first Friday Front Take it slow and enjoy the wonderful smell of Mother Nature’s goodness that envelops the air from the plethora of medical marijuana grow houses nearby. ” Read about places in Denver travel bloggers should – but shouldn’t visit. Number 8: Bat Masterson is pissed off here “Technically, the toilets on the first floor of the centuries-old Oxford Hotel are not open to the public – but they’re just too beautiful not to be shared with the world,” notes a blurb from 2001 by Best of Denver in a continuation of our toilet theme . “The men’s room can claim magnificent marble urinals – the very vessels that Bat Masterson supposedly emptied his weapon into.” That’s the kind of story that brings a sense of relief. Number 7: Loved to death No slap in the face at Elitch, but there is something special about the Lakeside Amusement Park, and the Wild Chipmunk in particular, that is memorable because while riding the rickety-looking device, most people are damn sure they are going to die. And not in a “It’s scary but I know I’ll be back for sure” way. Really die. Read about places in Denver travel bloggers should – but shouldn’t visit. Number 6: Pass the hours away The Golden Hours is the Lakewood Motel in West Colfax that John Hinckley Jr. stayed in for 16 days and nights (in Room 29) while planning to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. It is said that if you listen carefully you can hear the wind Jodie Foster crying. Number 5: Elvis has left the building The Nading-Presley Memorial Gym on 3555 Colorado Boulevard was sponsored by none other than Elvis Presley as a gift to the Denver Police Department. It is currently slated to be turned into a Walgreen – but if you hurry you can still see the building as the king intended. Read about places in Denver travel bloggers should – but shouldn’t visit. Number 4: put your shine on Here’s how we described the Rocky Flats Lounge on Highway 93 between the subway and Boulder in our latest list of Denver’s Best Pubs: “This bar gives light a whole new meaning – at one point it was the payroll office for the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant, the federal facility across the street that began producing plutonium triggers for atomic bombs in the early 1950s and operated until 1989. But the Rocky Flats Lounge offers a lot more: a gritty ambience, great Drinks, a deck with a wide view of the foothills (and the future nature reserve in the Rocky Flats) and fish fries on Friday evening. ” Number 3: who let the dogs out? Yes, certain corners of Denver have a damp aroma (see number 9). But a whole chunk of town smells good enough to eat at the Purina Dog Chow factory – if you’re a golden doodle. Read about places in Denver travel bloggers should – but shouldn’t visit. Number 2: baseball and bars belong together! In Kyle Garratt’s List of Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Coors Field, he wrote, “We probably all sat next to the person, or were the person who had one or six too many beers and started yelling at the shortstop:” ‘At least up to third base since you’re making all the damn money!’ If that person decides to show the shortstop how to do it himself and run onto the pitch, they’ll be thrown into cells hidden in the depths of the stadium “They are used from time to time for unruly fans,” says Rockies spokesman Jay Alves. They are not actually prison cells, but they are intended to be used “at the discretion of the Denver Police Department.” Number 1: get ready! The Crypt at 8 South Broadway is where Denver’s kink set is serviced – and it’s the first place Grant thought he wouldn’t want to take the travel bloggers away. I bet that will only make them more eager to stop by!

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