A Denver family who run a small home business warns others after a box of zippers was ripped from their porch.

Video transcript

JIM BENEMANN: Now for the kind of video about the kind of crime we’re too used to: a thief runs onto someone else’s porch to steal a package, but this wasn’t a common occurrence. Tonight Andrea Flores has more for us, Andrea, the loss here is just a big setback for small business owners trying to get back on their feet.

ANDREA FLORES: Jim, many small business owners started working from home during the pandemic. Now one small business owner, a family here in this Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver, is warning other small business owners after an essential item has been stolen from their porch and is now at risk for their livelihoods.

ADAM AARON: It is absolutely absurd to me that someone would come in broad daylight and take a package.

ANDREA FLORES: Stolen in less than 10 seconds, a veranda pirate was caught on camera.

ADAM AARON: Someone came up quickly, grabbed her, and then ran straight through our yard and to her truck and sped away.

ANDREA FLORES: The stolen $ 500 zippers, Adam and Nina Aaron’s porch. You run a small textile design business from home in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Denver.

ADAM AARON: We have sent raw materials here from different places so that we can make these throw pillows.

ANDREA FLORES: Their goal was to launch their e-commerce website with 450 pillows by the end of May. Aaron says that’s $ 30,000 in sales that is gone now.

ADAM AARON: It will definitely set us back a lot. And more importantly, my wife is – she is eight months pregnant and she works tirelessly on these designs. And she wakes up at 6:00 a.m. every morning to make a phone call and get those zippers asap.

ANDREA FLORES: Cushion production is currently being suspended.

ADAM AARON: Those zippers mean nothing to the person who took them and to us, the $ 30,000. They’ll keep a roof over their heads, they’ll deliver food and deliver medical bills when she goes to the hospital for our new baby.

ANDREA FLORES: Now the Aarons aren’t sure their small business will start on time in late May, and having a baby on the way could be a bigger setback than they expected. Now I’ve asked them if they filed a police report and they filed one with the Denver Police Department, but so far the suspect has not been caught. I’m reporting live in Denver tonight and I’m Andrea Flores, the first to report on Colorado.