(CBS4) – Many small business owners started working from home during the pandemic. A Denver family who run a small business from their Sunnyside home warns other small business owners after an essential item was stolen from their porch and is now at risk for their livelihoods.


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Zippers worth at least $ 500 have been delivered to Adam and Nina Aaron’s homes for their store, Nina Aaron Designs. You run the textile design business from home. A security camera caught a man stealing the delivery from her porch.

“Someone came up quickly, grabbed the zips and then ran straight across our yard to their truck and sped away,” said Adam Aaron. “We shipped raw materials here from different places so that we could make these throw pillows.”

Their goal was to launch their e-commerce website with 450 pillows by the end of May. Aaron says that’s $ 30,000 in sales that is gone now.

“It’s definitely going to set us back a lot, and more importantly, my wife is eight months pregnant and she worked tirelessly on these designs,” said Aaron. “She wakes up at 6am every morning to call the zipper manufacturers and make a list to get those zippers asap.”

Currently, Aaron says pillow production is on hold. They still have to wait at least three weeks for their next order for zippers to arrive at their home.

“These zippers mean nothing to the person who took them, and for us the $ 30,000 will keep a roof over our heads, they will deliver food and medical bills when they go to the hospital for our new baby.” said Aaron.

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