Two years after a nearly $ 2 million renovation to his century-old Park Hill home, Robert Thompson has quit.

Punch Bowl Social founder and former CEO and wife Mia sold their 8,300 square foot home at 4433 Montview Blvd. for $ 4 million last week. They put it at $ 3.85 million.

Thompson told BusinessDen that he found another historic home to renovate in New Orleans, one of his favorite cities, and that he also plans to get into the hotel business.

“We’ve been here since fall 2019 and would have probably lived here forever if we hadn’t found this other opportunity in New Orleans,” Thompson said. “It was great to have this beautiful setting to watch out for COVID, but it changes things. You know, it closes some doors, but it opens others. “

Thompson founded Punch Bowl Social in 2012 and eventually grew the Denver-based bowling, arcade, and restaurant chain to 20 locations and annual sales of $ 120 million. He stepped down as CEO in August after the pandemic shut down the company’s facilities, and Cracker Barrel zeroed a $ 140 million investment in the company.

The Thompsons bought the house in 2017 for $ 1.5 million.

Thompson had previously repurposed commercial buildings for Punch Bowl Social locations such as the abandoned air traffic control tower at Stapleton International Airport. However, this was his first chance to apply his vision to a residential property.

“It’s important to me to find adaptive reuse projects on the commercial side. Since I’ve been doing this for years and never doing anything for myself, I decided to try it out at my home, ”said Thompson.

He hired Denver-based architectural firm FAM Design, with whom he had previously worked, to design much of the Punch Bowl Social locations.

The Park Hill House, which was built in 1907, was previously 5,000 square feet. Thompsons gutted it and added another 3,300 square feet during the renovation. They used black brick for the exterior of the accessory.

“Preserving the history of the house was important and so we went out of our way to ensure that none of the new additions looked like the historic house because that is how you respect the history of the structure,” said Thompson.

The expansion includes a new kitchen with a Miela coffee system, an oversized glass-fronted Viking refrigerator, custom-made walnut cabinets, marble tops and backsplash, as well as a nano wall system for a culinary experience both indoors and outdoors.

“I’m a restaurateur and with so much energy put into this place, the kitchen had to be fantastic. There’s nothing you can’t do in this kitchen, ”Thompson said.

The preserved surfaces, including the original wooden floors, doors and windows with a restored weighted string system, are preserved.

“Instead of tearing things down and building new efficient versions of things, I prefer to celebrate history and find ways to modernize it,” Thompson said.

Address: 4433 Montview Blvd., Denver

Selling price: $ 4 million

Statistics: The three-story house has 6,186 square meters above ground level as well as a 1,544 square meter basement with an additional living room and bedroom.

The beautiful things: The house with five bedrooms and five bathrooms has a new sound and electrical system for inside and outside, which includes a light dimming system with an app and remote-controlled blinds.

One of Robert’s favorite novelties in the house is the two-story zippered window that he hung a custom-made chandelier behind, he said.

Outside, the couple added a three-car garage next to the original carriage house. There is also a heated rear deck, large gas fire, and 100-year-old rose bushes containing “a rare species of rose that is clipped and used in the Denver Botanical Gardens.”

Buyer: FGCBam Nominee Trust

Listing Agent: Scott Petersen at LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

Buyer’s representative: Dee and Steve Ciancio at LIV Sotheby’s International Realty