What is the main difference between roof re-roofing and replacement?

The process of installing the new roof on top of an existing roof is known as roofing. It is the process of placing a new roof over the existing one. it involves the addition of a new layer to the roof without taking down the old one.


Roof replacement refers to the procedure of replacing a roof. It involves the removal of the old roof. Toronto roofers will take everything, including the roof deck, and then replace it with a brand new one. They then put in the new roof shingles and then apply an underlay similar to Armourbase Pro Plus.

When is the ideal moment to replace the shingles on the roof that is old?

If your roof needs improvement or your roof is beginning to fail, however, the foundations are solid and the deck is still in good shape roofing might be the right choice. This could mean that the shingles are losing the granules, or are worn out due to age or weather however they aren’t leaking or curling, or are missing. This makes it possible to put a new layer of shingles over the top of the one you have.


If you’re looking for an easy change, then changing your roof is an option. It is possible to alter the design or color of your roof in order to make it appear more attractive if you’re remodeling. The addition of a new layer of roofing shingles can provide your roof with more depth and can even give it a 3D appearance.


Re-roofing is considerably less expensive than a complete roof replacement. It is due to the fact that the base roof structure and shingles aren’t removed. This means there’s less effort and time needed and results in lower costs. The roofing contractor can begin building new roofing shingles right away and do not need to wait for removing or removing the old ones. There is no environmental impact and don’t have to tear one of them. This is an enormous issue that must be considered by all.

Do you think it’s an ideal idea to have your home be renovated?

A skilled roofer will examine your roof and provide you with an assessment or recommendation. The report will provide reasons for the reasons why your roof isn’t suitable to be re-roofed. Request estimates from various contractors to make sure you’re taking the correct route. This will allow you to choose the best roofing company for your needs.


Curling shingles are among the main reasons why roofs aren’t suitable to be re-roofed. This is due to the fact that it is not possible to install new shingle layers if the existing roofing is flat and flat. There is a possibility of damage to the wood structure underneath like decay or sagging, which could also be an element.


There are a few things you should be aware of before making any important decision.

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