MORRISON, Colorado (CBS4) – Large venues are starting to breathe the intoxicating air of larger capacities. The Colorado Avalanche played in front of 7,750 fans on Monday night. Capacity rose to over 42% at the start of the playoffs against the St. Louis Blues.

“A full house would be even better. It’s the playoffs, ”said a fan outside of the game. “COVID will be gone when the all-star game is here.”

The man was alluding to full capacity the city and state agreed to when the all-star game of baseball was moved to Denver.

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Denver is taking new steps toward full reopening in many places.

“We’re taking a step-by-step approach to 100 percent capacity, especially in these large venues,” said Bob McDonald, executive director of the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment. “One of the things I think we realized during the pandemic is that the more we go through this patchwork of public orders, the more difficult it is for citizens to know what to do Do health dispose. And with more confusion, there is less compliance, and with less compliance, there are more cases and more transmission. “

The state still has orders for indoor venues larger than 500 people, but McDonald says if those are likely to fail, the city will follow suit and consider venue plans for a major opening.

“We’ll look at it on a case-by-case basis.”

Expect some venues to be broken up into sections, as was previously the case with Red Rocks, McDonald said.

“In the very large venues, we’re really going to ask them to split them up into cohorts where large groups of people go to one group of food service providers at Empower Field and another large group to another group of food retailers. “

The Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison has its sights set on June 21st, when it can host full-capacity concerts. On Monday, the venue’s capacity limit more than doubled, now 6,300 compared to 2,800.

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The first act with the above capacity will be Mt. Joy on saturday.

Over the weekend, the venue and the city of Denver hosted a pop-up vaccination clinic for concert-goers. In return, they received a T-shirt and a voucher for the concession stand.

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Masks are no longer required outdoors. Red Rocks is also replacing its quadrant section systems. Seating is on the upper and lower levels, but movement to concessions and toilets is not restricted.

“Fans who still have tickets in the quadrant system will still be asked to come through their individual gate when trying to control parking and getting in and out,” said spokesman Brian Kitts.

Acts will be added, and others who had shows scheduled later that summer will be at full capacity. That means it’s not a difficult choice who gets to be among those who have tickets to sold out shows that were broadcast from last year.

“I think these widespread panic shows that are going on sale are being built to full capacity. They’ll be the first, ”said Kitts. The shows are scheduled for June 25th, 26th and 27th.

He hoped the fans were still considerate.

“I still think there is both caution and a need for people to respect those who want to keep wearing masks and those who don’t want you to crowd on them while you’re at the show.”

Some high school graduations are also due to take place at the venue this week, but some schools are unwilling to change their plans. Denver schools said it wouldn’t change the four guest graduate rules. South High School was among those scheduled for Red Rocks to graduate this week.

Masks are required in toilets, trading post, visitor center, and any indoor area.