Breckenridge Brewery will be using reindeer from the Moon Deer Ranch to deliver beer to lucky drinkers in Denver and Cascade this Christmas. (Provided by Breckenridge Brewery)

Would you like to drink a Christmas beer delivered by reindeer? The lucky Denver and Cascade residents can enjoy the unique, festive experience.

Breckenridge Brewery is working with Colorado’s Moon Deer Ranch to spread a little holiday joy with “Reinbeer Deliveries,” according to a press release.

Mini kegs of Breck’s Christmas Ale will be delivered as deer on December 5th and 6th. Beer fans and deer fans in the two selected regions can register for the competition free of charge.

Lucky winners can feed and pet the reindeer. No beer for the caribou. You have until December 2nd to register. Five deliveries each are made in Denver and Cascade. You must be at least 21 years old.

As part of the event, Breckenridge Brewery is pledging the Food Bank of the Rockies to donate one meal per registrant, so everyone who registers can enjoy the Colorado community on vacation.

The brewery also works with Feeding the Frontlines to feed hospital staff, doctors, nurses and other frontline workers during this pandemic holiday season. Breck donates a $ 10 meal to local hospital workers with every online order and matches up to 250 donations each month to meet the goal of donating at least 500 meals per month to local hospital workers.

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