USA Today reports that this is a trend seen in animal shelters across the country.

DENVER – A Denver animal shelter has seen an increase in abandoned animals as people return to work.

MaxFund Adoption Center’s animal shelter manager Selina Davison said adoptions have doubled at the start of the pandemic and in recent weeks, as have the number of pets given up.

“[People are] They go back to their normal life, the animals no longer fit in their home, “Davison said.” It’s really sad because animals are great things and when you can incorporate them into your lifestyle and make adjustments to compromise them , they will be the best part of your life. “

USA Today reports that this is a trend seen in animal shelters across the country.

Davison told 9NEWS on Friday that about 80% of their current pets have been given up by their owners. The no-kill shelter is currently full and has a waiting list of owners willing to give up their animals.

“Really think about the pros and cons of bringing an animal into your home,” Davison said. “At MaxFund we don’t have same-day adoptions, which I absolutely love because it gives someone the time to really think about the commitment they’re making because it’s a commitment for life, not just time.”

Due to the COVID-19 protocols, MaxFund only welcomes potential animal parents by appointment. You can call 303-595-4917 to schedule an appointment at the dog home and 720-266-6081 to schedule an appointment with the cat home.

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