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Few things heal a Monday case more thoroughly than making plans to wring every possible moment of joy your free time during the work week allows. In the days ahead, take a break from your wage slavery and saving agenda and venture into a cultural scene full of artistic, comedic, and architectural riches … many of which are free of charge at all. Read on for the five best free events this week.

Free for everyone: The five best free events this week

Courtesy River Mile Denver

CATALYTIC DENVER: The river mile
Monday, January 28th, 6 p.m.
Sharp Auditorium, Denver Art Museum
Look into the future of Mile High development with the Denver Architecture Foundation, whose CATALYTIC DENVER lecture series continues with a presentation on the River Mile, a bold reinterpretation of the Central Platte Valley. Update and think of a project that could transform the Denver cityscape and relationship with its humble waterways. The discussion begins with a group of architecture experts moderated by Ken Schroeppel, an assistant professor at the Denver College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado. The meeting will be held tonight at 6 p.m. in the Sharp Auditorium (in the Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum). Admission is free, but prior registration is required. RSVP and discover more on the Denver Architecture Foundation’s Eventbrite page.


Okerman’s “Lost and Found” photo collection is a visual highlight of Sisu’s first edition.

Lauren Bello Okerman

Sisu Launch Party
Tuesday, January 29th, 6pm to 8pm
10 barrel brews
Issuing an intriguing response to the status quo of the brothers who dominate outdoor adventure narrative, Sisu Magazine is making a bold foray into the publishing world with a launch party at 10 Barrel Brewing Company. Sisu juxtaposes chronicles of the experiences of trans, gender queer and non-binary nature lovers with eye-catching art and action photography, and in its first issue captures the inclusiveness of the wilderness. See it at a debut get-together that includes a ski and snowboard sweepstakes sweepstakes, live LVDY music, and an abundance of delicious beers on tap. Visit Sisu’s events page to register and learn more.

Study hall: a comedy show
Wednesday, January 30th, 8 p.m.
Call to Arms Brewing
The chaos of open-air comedy microphones can be a hostile breeding ground. Brad Galli started the Comedy Show at Study Hall as a safe haven for young material to flee. Nestled in the intimate adjoining room of the Call to Arms Brewing, adorned with tea lights, the Study Hall Comics offers the opportunity to test something in front of supportive brewery guests and not in front of indifferent colleagues, and rewards the crowd with the freshest jokes. The January edition welcomes Mile High hilarity dealers Olivia Schyling, Nic Dean, Gabby Gutierrez-Reed, Steve Vanderploeg, Charlie Cohen and Stephen Agyei to set the stage for headliner Amy Miller (Last Comic Standing, Comedy Central Up Next) . Please visit the Call to Arms Brewing Facebook events page for more information.

Free for everyone: The five best free events this week

1910 Opening reception: Schoph and Jamie Lynn
Thursday, January 31st, 7pm to 11pm
Leon Gallery
Working together as part of the collective Nom-de-Art 1910, Jamie M. Lynn and Schoph Schofield landed in Denver with their exhibition Cut From the Same Cloth, which opens with an opening reception on Thursday, January 31st. The duo switched from the brand, however, to the distinctive style of 1910, designed in gallery installations for well-known snow and skateboard companies such as Vans, Volcom and Dragon, is unmistakable in every context. Don’t fret if you can’t attend the premiere. The installation will remain on view until Saturday, March 2nd. Further information can be found in the events calendar of the Leon Gallery.

Free for everyone: The five best free events this week

Art exhibition on the first Friday with Cassidy Robison
Friday, February 1st, 5pm to 9pm
Lion camp
The sticker-speckled walls of the Lion’s Lair, a punk, immortal Denver dive, are elaborately and carefully crafted with the works of Cassidy Robison at an art exhibition on the first Friday. Robison’s charmingly distinctive canvases are a collection of mythical and multi-limbed figures rendered against a gleaming white background. They are ideal for bringing them from the bar to your home. While you ponder your options, grab some of the cheapest, strongest beverages in Queen City in this engaging antidote to the First Friday Santa Fe Shuffle. Please visit the Lion’s Lair Facebook Events page for more information.

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Byron Graham is a Denver writer, comedian, and gentleman thief. Byron, co-host of Designated Drunkard: A Comedy Drinking Game, the immortal Lion’s Lair Open Mic, and the Mutiny Book Club’s podcast, also writes on comedy for Westword. He cannot stand cowardice and was never defeated in an open duel.