Are you thinking about taking your business career to the next level? Whether you’re running your own business or looking to improve your promotion and employment opportunities, a PhD in business administration can certainly be worth your time. Today, more options than ever are available for those looking to improve their career opportunities. So it is definitely worth taking the time to determine if attaining this prestigious qualification is worth the time, money and effort. Here are some of the key benefits of a PhD in Business Administration that you should consider before looking for appropriate courses.

Become an expert in your field

Posting a Doctor of Business Administration degree online from Aston University not only provides you with a prestigious and respected qualification, but it also allows you to improve your skills in one or more specific aspects of the business so that you can improve your expertise in your chosen field. Of course, to really become an expert, you need to get more than just an advanced degree. This will simply help you improve your skills and knowledge even further and build on the experience and knowledge you have already gained. Perhaps you have completed a commercial apprenticeship or, over the years of your career, you have found out which business areas you are most enthusiastic about. When you receive your DBA, you will be able to choose different modules based on your interests and future goals, thus improving your chances of becoming a trusted expert on the topic you have chosen.

Increase your professional network

Doctor of Business Administration usually attracts a lot of great business people. During your studies, you will meet with business owners, executives, investors and experts who have a lot to offer. And we all know that in business, who you know is just as important, if not more than what you know. In addition to an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge, this advanced business degree also gives you a real chance to seriously build your corporate network and add valuable contacts to your list. During your studies, you could meet your prospective business partner, someone ready to make the investment your business needs, or a business mentor who can seriously help you in the future.

Enhance your resume

Ideal for anyone looking to advance their career path, the DBA degree will definitely get a spot on your résumé if you are looking to embark on the employment path. MBA qualifications are in high demand these days and also more accessible than ever thanks to online courses, which means that the competition among MBA holders is higher than ever. When applying, you may have noticed that there are more candidates with an MBA today than in the past. A DBA allows you to take that step further than an MBA and show prospective employers how dedicated you are to achieving the best knowledge and skills available.

Build soft skills

With this advanced business degree, you not only have the opportunity to improve your technical skills and refine your business knowledge, but you also have numerous opportunities to improve your soft skills and thus your employability. You must have excellent communication skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills while studying for an online PhD in business administration. You will either work on projects as part of a team or as a team leader, so you can seriously develop your skills as a team leader as well as a team player. If you are interested in leadership positions in the future, a DBA will help you take your leadership skills to a high level and give you the skills you need to inspire and motivate others.

Increase your earning potential

It’s no secret that continuing education is directly related to improved income, and most organizations automatically pay more for a person with an advanced degree like a DBA. You could increase your earning potential even further than with an MBA by opting for this advanced degree, increasing your average starting salary, and applying for more prestigious and lucrative career positions. Keep in mind that even if receiving a DBA doesn’t translate into better starting salaries straight away, that qualification will surely help you climb the corporate ladder in the future and improve your chance of receiving better-paying promotions.

Build Your Confidence

Confidence can improve many different aspects of your life overall, but it can be creating or breaking your business career. Real trust, which you can only gain by building real knowledge and experience, is extremely difficult to fake and is sure to get you noticed with future employers, business partners, customers, investors and others. Business people in any industry will always appreciate being able to work with someone who really knows their stuff and is confident of their skills. When you receive a DBA you can become a serious expert in your field and gain an unparalleled level of confidence that will help you stand out from the crowd as a candidate or business owner.

Open up new possibilities

After all, a DBA could be the best way to transform your business career if you’re looking for a new opportunity. If your experience and qualifications are previously related to a specific industry, a DBA will offer you a wider range of skills and expertise that can be applied in many different areas of the business, allowing you to change your career or pursue an area of ​​business that you are interested in , which up to now has been difficult to achieve. If you are currently an entrepreneur, this qualification, combined with previous experience, can provide you with a strong safety net.

Whether you are looking for a career change in the business world, working your way up, or simply looking to improve your employment opportunities, getting an online DBA to improve your employability, skills and knowledge is a wise decision.

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