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Do not despair, Monday Mopers: There is more on the agenda in the coming days than problems on the working day. The city’s art scene is constantly experimenting with different formats, media and forms of expression … and offering them for free. That’s right: this week you can pay homage to a great composer, discuss the socio-economic influences of Denver civic architecture, or eat cake while learning about pi without paying a dime to enter.

Catalytic Denver: Civic Center Lecture
Tuesday, March 13th, 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.
Denver Art Museum
Denver is in the middle of a year-long renovation kick. Major attractions like the Denver Art Museum are being extensively rebuilt. Learn how these civic improvements have transformed the culture, landscape, and economy of Mile High City at the opening lecture of the Catalytic Denver Series presented by the Denver Architecture Foundation. Panel speakers include Urban Villages Chief Development Officer Jon Buerge, Denver Art Museum Deputy Director Andrea Fulton, and others, moderated by architect and urban planner Ignacio Correa-Ortiz. Entry is free, but registration on Catalytic Denver’s Eventbrite page is required. Doors open at 5:30 pm in the Sharp Auditorium of the Denver Art Museum.

Faculty Tuesday: Claude Debussy 100 years later
Tuesday, March 13th, 7.30 p.m.
Grusin Music Hall
As regular readers of these lists are likely to know by now, the town of Boulder has a lively and varied calendar of classical music. The preponderance of talented musicians who live, play and teach in the quaint university town is largely due to the University of Colorado’s music program, where talented faculty musicians promote Colorado’s next generation of virtuosos. Join pianist Andrew Cooperstock for an evening of homage to the musical impressionist Claude Debussy as the Faculty Tuesday concert series at Grusin Music Hall celebrates the French composer’s 100th anniversary. Listen to expressive tone shifts and tonal symbolism as Cooperstock and soprano Jennifer Bird-Arvidsson, cellist David Requiro, violinist William Terwilliger and fellow pianist Jessica Nilles perform a concert with some of Debussy’s most impressive compositions, including Four Piano Preludes, “The Petite Suite,” Paysage Sentimental, “” Golliwog’s Cakewalk, “and more. Visit the CU Presents box office to learn more and to see a live stream of the performance.

Free For Everyone: Top five free events in Denver this week

Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library

Pi day
Wednesday, March 14th, 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library
At first glance, 3/14 may look like a different date on the calendar, but the numbers three, one, and four are the first digits of pi, 3.14 …, the never-ending, never-repeating mathematical constant. While pi has fascinated physicists, mathematicians, and other great minds for centuries, Punsters can’t resist its homophonic relationship with a particular flaky and fruity dessert. The friendly programmers at the Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library celebrate this fun confluence of sounds and numbers on Pi Day, a short talk about the historical origins of the sequence of numbers and cake baking. Guests won’t go home hungry either, as the actual cake is served to knowledge seekers of all ages. For more information, please visit the Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library Facebook events page.

We still like you Denver hostess, Rachel Weeks.

We still like you Denver hostess, Rachel Weeks.

Geoff Decker

We still like you
Wednesday, March 14th, 9:30 p.m.
El Charritos Comedy RoomRoom
Hear the embarrassing secrets and shameful stories of cast members from the Denver area on We Still Like You, a laughing, impartial storytelling show hosted by Rachel Weeks, co-founder of Pussy Bros. Since its inception as a house show in Chicago, WSLY has started chapters in Denver and Louisville, Kentucky, and is now available in podcast form. Join local artists Lila Bear, Nic Dean, Al Goodwin, Christie Buchele, Nick Gossert, and David Blatt (from Mortified) to aberrant diatribes, accompanied by out-of-date hand-drawn interpretations of the dirty stories courtesy of local artist Lonnie MF Allen. Please visit the We Still Like You Facebook events page for more information.

Free For Everyone: Top five free events in Denver this week

Woke up to get up
Thursday, March 15, 8 p.m.
Woods Boss Brewing
Another Chicago comedy import, Woke Up Stand Up, is the brainchild of Basil Faraj, a comic that divides its time between the cities of Windy and Mile High. Following his debut on the Chicago Tribune, Faraj is bringing the show to Denver’s Woods Boss Brewery with a cast that celebrates the breadth and diversity of voices in the local comedy community. Join Faraj along with Emcee Miriam Moreno, Nolawee Mengist, Christie Buchele and Janae Burris for the wokest comedy show on this side of the Mississippi. Please visit the Woke Up Stand Up Facebook events page for more information.

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Byron Graham is a Denver writer, comedian, and gentleman thief. Byron, co-host of Designated Drunkard: A Comedy Drinking Game, the immortal Lion’s Lair Open Mic, and the Mutiny Book Club’s podcast, also writes on comedy for Westword. He cannot stand cowardice and was never defeated in an open duel.