Denver has had a fair amount of water for a little over five months. Typically the city receives about 15 inches of annual rainfall; After the rain showers on Monday, the city is already halfway to this mark.

The early week storm brought nearly 2 inches of rain to the metro region, with some places in the mountains getting 9 inches of snow. There is a possibility for even more wetness on the way. This means the city remains in tune with a level of moisture that has not been seen in Mile High City since the 1940s.

Wettest starts the year (1 / 1-5 / 3) Rainfall in Denver:

  1. 1905: 9.74 “
  2. 1900: 9.54 “
  3. 1944: 8.23 ​​”
  4. 1942: 7.85 “
  5. 2021: 7.60 “

Tuesday’s high is 60 degrees with heavily scattered showers, and according to the National Weather Service, one or two isolated thunderstorms are possible this afternoon. Precipitation could reach up to a quarter of an inch with snow over 8,000 feet. The chance for showers and storms is until evening, when Denver drops to 40 degrees.

Unfortunately, the remaining three quarters of the state have failed. Areas in dark red were more than 2 standard deviations drier than an average April! For much of the western CO2, this was the driest April ever. Not what we want.

– ColoClimateCenter (@ColoradoClimate) May 3, 2021

Isolated showers and isolated thunderstorms are to be expected again on Wednesday. The showers will be in the form of snow over 8,000 feet with an inch or two of snow. Denver will hit 64 degrees with a low of 40 degrees.

On Thursday a drier and warmer trend begins with sun and a high of 76 degrees and a low of 48 degrees.

Friday should be mostly sunny and the highs should go well into the 80s.

There is a possibility of another storm on Sunday or Monday.