DENVER (KDVR) – An upscale Denver apartment complex has decided to help not only its residents get the COVID-19 vaccination, but the local community as well.

County Club Estates residents didn’t have to travel very far for the first of two shots, just down an elevator and into the crowded lobby. It was all thanks to Country Club Towers regional property manager Timothy Colgan.

“When the idea of ​​a vaccination clinic hit my mind, I found Truecare24. We could become partners and do it from the comfort of our own home,” said Colgan.

From 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., residents came with an appointment or just walked in, got their shot and waited for a spell before heading out.

Not only did the residents here have the convenience of a COVID shot, the local community was invited too.

“My thinking behind this is that if our residents are interacting with the neighborhood, and the neighborhood is interacting with our properties, the more they take care of themselves, the better,” said Colgan.

Hunter Copseng, who lives nearby, appreciated the convenience.

“It was very convenient. I had a colleague about three hours ago who just told me that all of these appointments in their building were given for free, ”said Copseng.

The Country Club Towers received 450 vaccinations and will fire the second shot on Tuesday June 1st.

“We always try to look for things outside of the box,” said Colgan.

Or in this case outside the apartment complex.

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