The Denver Metro Emergency Food Network provides fully cooked meals to families on Metro Denver.

DENVER – Every day before the COVID-19 crisis, there were hungry families in Colorado. However, the coronavirus pandemic made this food insecurity worse.

Bondadosa, a community grocery delivery company, and Denver Food Rescue, Focus Points Family Resource Center and Lost City Denver have teamed up to source, prepare, cook and deliver meals to families in the Denver metropolitan area. It’s called the Denver Metro Emergency Food Network – and it’s completely free.

Ricardo Rocha, CEO of Bondadosa, said the entry of COVID-19 into the state has increased pre-existing food insecurities in Colorado.

> The above video shows the 9NEWS, Bonneville radio station and King Soopers’ Virtual Food Drive.

“It’s about understanding that the problem was pre-pandemic, got worse during the pandemic, and that the problem continues but is different after the pandemic,” he said.

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More than 73,000 meals have been delivered in the past four weeks, more than enough to feed everyone in Commerce City, the city Rocha is from.

“We have provided enough meals for a family of four for the next 11 years,” he said. “It gives you hope, it gives us a lot of connection at a time when we can’t be together.”

The food network depends on donations and grants.

> People who want to register for the service can do so here.

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