Teaching the millennial makers how to shape a purpose-oriented life on their own terms

(YorkPedia Editorial): – Denver, October 6, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Last month, Mindset of a Hustler (MOAH) launched its first publicly streamed show, The Mindset of a Hustler Podcast. Hosted by brand managers Malcolm Whye and Miroslava Rangel, The Mindset of a Hustler Podcast offers a new way to approach success for millennials seeking fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

“The mindset of a Hustler podcast was created by millennials for millennials,” says Malcom Whye, Mindset of a Hustler CEO. Our podcast is hosted by a team that is in the ditch with you on the path to a better life. We understand where you are because we were there ourselves. Our church believes in leaning on one another and overcoming life’s challenges together. “

The MOAH Podcast is the latest addition to the lifestyle brand’s list of offers. Similar to the resources and coaching services available, this podcast features exclusive anecdotes and advice from various entrepreneurs, creatives, athletes, and makers from various industries. By listening to this podcast, millennials will learn how to:

  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Establish healthy habits
  • Set actionable goals
  • Find your unique “why”
  • Promotion of a support system for like-minded people
  • Make lasting changes in your life to be successful

The mindset of a Hustler podcast can now be streamed on Spotify and Apple Podcast. You can find more information about the MOAH podcast at https://anchor.fm/mindsetofahustler

About the mindset of a hustler: Mindset of a Hustler is an inclusive lifestyle brand that helps millennials find meaning, passion, and fulfillment from their professional and personal lives to become the most successful version of themselves by teaching them to develop a growth philosophy. Through motivational content, educational resources, community events and mindset coaching services, MOAH teaches go-getter millennials how to overcome limiting beliefs, establish healthy habits, set actionable goals, promote a support system for like-minded people and find their uniqueness “why”. Mindset of a Hustler was founded by creative entrepreneur Malcom Whye and gives every millennial the opportunity to take control of their happiness and make lasting changes in their lives in order to be successful.