According to a study by Boston University, American mayors believe Denver is the fourth largest city in the country when it comes to political ideas.

The university’s urban initiative asked 70 mayors about the challenges they face, sources of information they can rely on and work with. When asked which three cities they searched for policy and management ideas, New York and Boston were mentioned the most, followed by Austin, Denver, Portland, Oregon, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

Denver was cited at least once by about 20 percent of the mayors surveyed in the study:

When mayors of cities with populations over 300,000 were asked the same question, Denver was initially associated with New York City and was mentioned at least once by nearly 40 percent of respondents.

“Denver values ​​innovation, ingenuity and problem-solving with an entrepreneurial spirit,” Mayor Michael Hancock said in a statement to the Denver Post. “To have these values ​​recognized and imitated by other cities is an honor and an incentive to continue striving for better.”

According to the survey, mayors rely on information from other mayors in addition to their own employees, followed by unofficial advisers, as well as companies and groups of companies. This order applied regardless of whether the mayors were Democrats or Republicans. Denver was ranked third behind New York and Boston as a source of political ideas among Democrats who responded.

Ideas borrowed from mayors from other cities include 311 customer service lines and affordable housing. Denver’s Peak Performance Initiative, in which city workers identify and correct inefficiencies, was also recognized.

“It’s no wonder other cities have shown an interest in having a people-centric model work for them,” said Hancock. “We are thrilled to continue on this path.”