DENVER (KDVR) – A key factor in Denver’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will be the city’s 16th Street Mall Improvement Project.

The project is set to help create and support nearly 1,500 jobs, generate $ 107 million in labor income and $ 261 in revenue.

But perhaps the most noticeable change many of us will see is the look of the 16th Street Mall.

The Denver office of the global design firm ‘Stantec’ is leading the landscape architecture and urban development component in the redesign of the shopping center.

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The proposal envisages a new canopy look with 240 trees, 96 more trees than now.

Originally 16ht Street Mall had 199 trees, but 55 were removed due to disease or damage.

Even with 144 trees remaining, the strip serves as the longest continuous canopy in Denver.

“The main difference between the current layout of the 16th Street Mall and what will happen to this new canopy is that the trees are actually being pulled back from the central center to an extensive sidewalk. So the experience of being under the trees and enjoying the shade and all the cooling properties of a treetop that a city offers is more pedestrian-oriented, ”said Michael Griffith, landscape architect at Stantec.

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In order to create a more resilient tree canopy, ‘Stantec’ has developed a design that includes 9 different tree species.

According to ‘Stantec’, it could be three to five years before we notice any noticeable changes to the tree tops in the 16th Street Mall.

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