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Say that long to Streets Denver, Streets of London’s rock replacement that closed in late May. Say hello to Tight End, the gay sports bar that took over the space at 1501 East Colfax Avenue and opened on April 12th.

“We’re really just focusing on the sport that was a missing niche in our community and we’re ready to fill that,” says co-owner Steven Alix. “All other big cities have gay sports bars. This one doesn’t, so it’s time. “

Readers agree and welcome both the concept and name of the bar in their comments on Westword’s Facebook post exchanging news on this latest addition to Colfax. Says Ciatlin:

Only the name itself guarantees a stop! Love it.

Adds Joe:

Tight End is perhaps the best name for a bar in Denver. Great concept, great name.

Miracle Josh:

What, was “Wide Receiver” a bit too much?

Sher says:

Congratulations when so many have to close … Good name too!

Adds Ken:

That’s actually pretty cool. Will miss streets, but come on. Super cool.

Scott replies:

While I salute this bar, it’s a sad, sad day to lose a punk bar.

Notes Bothe

I love that we have a gay jock bar a few blocks from a gay cowboy bar. Colfax rules.

And Gordon asks:

What exactly is the difference between a gay sports bar and a regular sports bar? Both will be 90 percent boys.

Do you have an answer for Gordon? And what do you think of the name Tight End? Is there a bar in Denver with a better name? (And anyway, Texas-based sports chain Tight Ends, which, after all the women in bikini in their advertisements, is decidedly not aimed at gay sports enthusiasts.) What’s the worst bar name in town?

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