Whether you are smoking weed one or two days a week or you are an occasional user, keeping a weed journal can be a great idea. Keeping a journal helps you see your progress over time. Also it can help you know what strains of marijuana you prefer to smoke like indica vs sativa and when. Here are some tips for keeping a weed journal.

To start with keeping a weed journal, write everything down in simple words, keeping in mind to keep it short and simple. Try not to make the journal too long either. If it is too long, people can become bored reading it. So try not to make it longer than forty pages max.

When keeping a journal of your marijuana use, don’t just write about the physical aspect of smoking weed. Also include details about how you feel during the entire smoking session. Describe how it feels to have a high and how it makes you feel. Also note any other side effects that you may experience. Some people do not experience side effects at all, while others get really sick and tired. Write about how you feel and what symptoms you may experience.

Also try to keep your journal while you are smoking weed. Keep notes and write about your experience. You might also want to record the locations that you smoke weed in and the smells that are associated with smoking marijuana. Some people claim that some of the smells are really bad sometimes, while others don’t have any problems at all.

When you are finished writing in your journal, do something else that you usually do when you are having fun like playing sports or watching TV. The main goal is to keep your journal and remember everything that you do when you are smoking weed. One effective way to do that is to write down the times that you take the stuff and then put it down on paper. This helps you remember where you took it, what kind of experience you had, etc. Keep in mind that you should always make sure that you write down everything that you do when you are smoking weed.

Keeping a weed journal can be a great way to help you recover from your addiction. It allows you to keep track of all the things that trigger you. Many people start out with this type of journal, then eventually move to keep a full scale journal. 

There are some important tips and things to remember when you are keeping a weed journal. These tips will help you make the most of your time and achieve the results that you want from your life.