TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Two hours after taking off from Denver International Airport, the first United Express jet landed at the airport south of Twin Falls on Wednesday morning.

The first flight landed just after 1 p.m., marking the start of a second airline operating between Twin Falls and Denver, Colorado. The aircraft was duly greeted by two fire engines forming an arch of water under which the CRJ200 rolled on its way to the terminal, where a large crowd waited for the first passengers to step onto the tarmac.

Now travelers can choose between connections at Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah or Denver International. Bill Carberry, manager of Joslin Field-Magic Valley Regional Airport, told a crowd gathered in the terminal when the airport opened one of the first airlines to serve Magic Valley was United Airlines and he welcomed them back. “It’s just a great day. We’ve been working to get United to the airport in Denver. People have an opportunity, it really is what it takes. You can travel, see family, do business, people can come here.” and visiting our great city and our great valley, “said Carberry,” so it’s a lot of fun and excitement right now. “

The new air service was made possible by a number of local organizations that helped fund funding through the U.S. Department of Transportation Development Grant for small air services: Twin Falls City, Twin Falls County, Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, South Idaho Tourism, Business Plus, Idaho Dairymen’s Association, Glanbia Nutritionals, Chobani, the Idaho Power Company, Kickback Rewards Systems, and St. Luke’s.

Some see this as a sure sign of growth in the Magic Valley. “I think it’s just one more example of a growing community. Here we can now connect to a variety of destinations through Denver. Competitive air service that may help make it even more affordable. Really making those connections for those of us Who lives here, we’d like to connect with other recreational activities, but also with the business opportunities where companies here reach their customers and customers across the country and even around the world, and with people looking to Twin Falls to do business here said Shawn Barigar, President and CEO of the President of the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce and Twin Falls City Councilor.

SkyWest Airlines provides the flight service for United Express as well as the services for Delta Airlines. A new website,, has been specially created to highlight the benefits of flying to Twin Falls and Denver.

Carberry paid tribute to many of the people who worked hard to get second flight service to Magic Valley, but the reality means a lot to him personally too. “I’m in the middle of a long career and you know you work on these things. Sometimes you just have to stop and really appreciate where you are and it’s one of those days for me. I really appreciate it,” said Carberry .

United arrives at Twin Falls Airport

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