DENVER (CBS4)– In the end, United Airlines’ new policy on vaccines isn’t a requirement for current workers, but it feels close. The company rewards flight attendants who get recordings with extra vacation days. Those who fail to do so will not be allowed to travel to countries that require vaccines and if assigned to an international flight can be removed from the flight schedule without compensation. This applies in addition to the compulsory vaccination for new hires.

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The need for vaccines is nothing new.

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“Employers have a wide range of discretion in implementing a vaccination policy, including a blanket order, subject to exceptions for medical reasons, religious reasons, or a union contract,” says labor law specialist Sterling LeBoeuf, partner at Davis Graham & Stubbs’ office. “I think companies with a lot of employees working in public know that knowing that the company’s employees are vaccinated will make them feel more comfortable for a lot of citizens … and that definitely means a lot.” Dollars and cents for many companies.”

Compulsory vaccination actually has a long history in the USA.

“The requirements for vaccines have always been there,” said Stephanie Wasserman, executive director of the pro-vaccine Immunize Colorado. “George Washington asked his troops to get vaccinated against smallpox.”

There were objections to the idea at the time, and even fears that using the related Cox smallpox virus for vaccination would cause cows to grow out of the recipient’s skin.

Current policy in Colorado and many other states requires healthcare workers to get the flu vaccine. Teachers and educators have the same requirements in many places. It’s not surprising to Wasserman that United wants to campaign for vaccines.

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“The CDC always says that we are only one plane flight away from an infectious disease.”

In the modern world, air travel is an efficient means of spreading a virus quickly.

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“Global travel has always been a source of getting a virus from one place to another.”

United may have altruistic beliefs, she notes, but there is good business too.

“I envision a major airline that has suffered many losses during the pandemic wants to bring back its business model where everyone wants to fly and everyone wants to fly in a safe and comfortable environment.”

LeBoeuf says his law firm, which typically represents companies, receives a lot of inquiries.

“Employers take this really seriously because, in some ways, it’s a personal medical decision for every employee. In another sense, it is a decision that affects other employees in the workplace and its customers. “

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He doesn’t give lawsuits from workers who don’t believe they should get vaccinated, much of a chance.

“You probably don’t have much recourse at all.”

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Companies may have good reasons, but it all takes part, says Wasserman. “It is a tool around many different tools that must be used to ensure that people are fully vaccinated and that we achieve this herd immunity.”