DENVER (CBS4) – Governor Jared Polis and at least one other governor say the federal government lacks a national reserve for COVID-19 vaccines. Polis said in a press conference on Friday: “We have been lied to.”

“I come to you today, extremely disappointed that we have been lied to about government plans to release reserved doses, which should be the second doses of the vaccine,” he said.

“I was informed today by General (Gustave) Perna that there is no federal dose reserve. They expect every other dose to be delivered, but outside the supply chain in the future. And so there is no inflow of doses unlike a call we had three days ago to the Vice President, the Minister of Health, when they told us that we would be making an additional amount available to states. This additional amount is not available for any state. “

Governor Jared Polis

(Credit: CBS)

Oregon’s governor first told the news. Polis said states like Colorado expected to get 210,000 doses next week. Now Colorado is figuring out that there will only be 79,000 cans.

“A few days ago we were convinced that the federal government would release its supply of second doses. That would have equated to a supply of about three weeks in a week for Colorado – about 210,000 doses. And unfortunately that wasn’t true. And we were ready to use it right away. And now we know it just doesn’t exist, ”said Polis.

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