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Weed Tourism: Alive and Well

Sep 15

People from all over the United States understandbly flock to weed-legal states to experience the cannabis rush for themselves. Many have never tried it before, some have been closet stoners for years. The conglomeration of people old and new traveling to the world, if not states, of marijuana is something many businesses currently thrive on. 

It's not a secret that states that have not included cannabis deregulation in recent passed measures are leaving massive amounts of money on the table for others to grab through tourism, and under the table sales from the closet stoner's closet dealer and grower. According to the Tax Foundation, some state likes Florida, Texas and New York were leaving almost 500 million in potential revenue unaddressed. Not everyone has a dealer, let alone would feel comfortable in a less than legal situation. So if you're stuck with a curiosity, and no friends in low places, it looks like a little travel is in your future.

What To Expect When You're Expecting... To Buy Pot Legally!

Enterprising, experimental and curious folks all get in their station wagon or purchase that plane ticket and visit Washington, Colorado, California, and other states where they can get their weed in a legal manner. The pure peace of mind of not having to look over your shoulder or visit a shady shack is paramount. Not only is the legality a plus, it's ubiquity. In cities like Seattle, Denver, and Portland, you're never a stone's throw from a dispensary or cannabis store. Prices have largely leveled out, so unless you're buying something truly different, prices should be in the same ballpark.

Better yet, these commercial variety plants are often more potent, and come in different forms for the benefit of the smoker. With all the variety of processed products, flower and bud strengths/types, plus variations and deviations like CBD, Delta 9 THC, and the tools that go into making full use of the cannabis product, it's liable to beckon a lot of questions

If you've been into a cannabis store anytime lately, you'll probably nod your head in agreement when I say that product diversity has never been greater. It's almost unreasonable not to have a question. And if you're the inquisitive type, you could be taking a lot of your budtender's time. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but not all shops are so welcoming of those who are just getting their feet wet, and their patrons probably less so. 

It's developed into maybe a psuedo-gatekept community where you're looked down upon without a base knowledge of marijuana's culture, past, and properties. Pot shops that were once rife with a mutual curiosity have become stuffy shops with huffy customers. This is not true of all pot shops thankfully; we're not trying to cause you anxiety in visiting a pot shop, everyone should. However, there is an unsaid edicate, and it goes so far as to insinuate that if you're going to have a bunch of questions, and you've got a mile long group of people behind you, you probably ought to contain yourself.

Defying these unsaid rules often may get you dirty looks, poor service, and maybe even a poor representation of cannabis itself. How good are you going to feel about a community of people if they're all mean-mugging you for just trying to learn? How included are you going to feel if the budtender sighs before every answer they have to give you? Try as they might, many shops just aren't suited for taking every cannabis tourist and teaching them the ropes. The budtenders are there to fill orders, not educate and promote. 

Different Kind of Cannabis Store

As mentioned, there are shops out there that defy this. They want to educate, they want to ensure that each customer walks out of their shop with a better understanding of the plant, its uses, and how to make it work best for them. One such chain of cannabis stores is Mountain Annie's. With 4 locations peppered throughout SouthWest Colorado, they ride an edge of being both very helpful to anyone new to marijuana, as well as being a solid resource for those who already know their way around the plant and its byproducts. 

Pot shops such as Mountain Annies aren't a dying breed, they're a fledgling one. Shops curtailing to the layman instead of the expert are exactly what many tourists need. They sell not only the cannabis products, but the tools you need to enjoy them too. They answer questions, give advice and warnings, and are there to ensure you have a good experience with cannabis as many have before you. It's easy to shop for price with cannabis, but not so much with service. 

One very real Texas woman and Mountain Annies customer said "I have never been in a friendlier store, let alone a cannabis store. I walked out happier and smarter than when I walked in." This Texas woman was the kind of person to have believed in anti-pot propaganda,  believed more in what her pastor told her, and not what science, and her own body could. These people are out there, and sometimes just need a gentle push to be convinced that cannabis shouldn't be taboo, it should be celebrated.

People traveling to buy and experience cannabis products are celebrating legalization, a long fight not yet won, but no longer losing. People sitting at home toking up are celebrating cannabis, and its effects on their body, therapeutic or otherwise. Mountain Annies celebrates cannabis by educating about and being a supplier of cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles, and more. Celebrate cannabis, weed tourism, and the freedom of the great country we live in with Mountain Annies Cannabis in Durango, Cortez, Ridgway, and Silverton Colorado.