Phoenix, 96, and lots of sun. Miami, 85, and partly cloudy. Denver, 42, with rainy periods mixed with snow and snow mixed with rain. Newcomers to Colorado want to know, “What’s wrong?”

It’s spring in the Rocky Mountains.

We have had the Four Seasons since the beginning of the year.

It was 80 years old and set a record. People in shorts soaking up the sun.

Days when Harry’s ears are lifted in the wind, making him look like a different breed.

Mower turned on, lawn aerated, flowerbeds flowerbeds.

When I looked outside this morning, there were rabbit tracks in the snow on my front yard. It looked like two rabbits had met, made an appointment, and tried to increase the population.

Harry went out and came back with a white stain on his nose.

Maybe you don’t appreciate it, but I know.

In two days the high in Phoenix will be 102. And again the next day. In a month, 102 will be the low of the day.

Phoenix never mixed rain with snow.

Has Phoenix ever had snow? Yes, trace amounts.

And on January 20, 1933 and January 21 and 22, 1937, Phoenix had an inch of snow.

With the Major League Baseball season in its second month, Denver had snow overnight.

One day, newcomers, it will be 95th Promised. If that’s what you want, we have two months just for you.

July and August are going to be miserable for my roommate and me. Around the time my neighbors decide to blow everything up again, it gets hot, unbearable and summery.

The weather in Metro Denver is as non-linear as I think. Maybe that’s why I like it.

Milking someone else’s cow is illegal in Texas.

In 1977 I moved from Phoenix to Denver without a coat, boots or snow shovel.

I was familiar with winter weather from growing up in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

I didn’t bother about it then. Do it now.

What is the difference? Maybe retirement because I don’t have to go out there.

Maybe because it slows me down, just a little. To be somewhere is no longer what it used to be. Being at home is better than ever.

When I had to drive downtown to teach, I was used to how uncomfortable the rat race was.

Compared to other major cities, Denver was still a little tired at the time. No more.

It’s rush hour all the time.

Who’s to blame? I am. And others like me who moved here from elsewhere.

My neighbors are from California, New Mexico, and Iowa.

Some of these unusual snowfalls are heavy and overwhelm our trees by falling branches. This is not good.

Drivers who underestimate the conditions drive as if there weren’t any. This is not good.

But wasn’t it nice to see? Winter looking over his shoulder to say goodbye, like Jimmy Durante?

Durante always signed his radio and television shows with “Good night, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.”

He didn’t explain the comment until 1966. It was a tribute to his first wife, Jean.

Mrs. Durante, he said, always loved the name of a small town they’d stopped in on a country road trip

Calabash, North Carolina.

The temperature in Calabash is currently 72. Cloudy with a fifty percent chance of Schnozzolas.

Craig Marshall Smith is an artist, educator, and Highlands Ranch resident. He can be reached at [email protected]