Westfield Co. plans to replace the Denver Mart complex with a handful of large industrial buildings.

The Denver-based company last year submitted a development proposal to Adams County officials for the 451 E. 58th Ave. submitted.

“The project includes the development of approximately two standard industrial warehouse buildings totaling between 300,000 and 350,000 square feet and two flex-oriented, lighter industrial buildings totaling approximately 135,000 square feet,” Westfield wrote in the proposal.

Denver Mart opened in 1965. The facility was used for trade shows and also housed a number of wholesale tenants. In February, tenants were informed that the facility would close in late March and the property would be sold.

BusinessDen previously reported that Westfield was the expected buyer. A company executive did not respond to a request for comment on this story.

Westfield’s project would be built on 30.4 acres. The entire Denver Mart complex would be demolished, with the exception of an affiliated hotel owned by a separate unit.

The Denver Mart area is largely industrial in nature. Upon filing with Adams County, the company found it had experience in the sector.

Westfield has an industrial project called Hub25 at 601 64th Ave. completed in Adams County. About 2.5 miles east of Denver Mart, the company is developing Pecos Logistics Park, 1.15 million square feet of planned industrial space on 62 acres, according to its website.

The company expects to redevelop the Denver Mart property in a single phase.

“The target tenants mainly include service-oriented tenants and supplier tenants as well as last-mile sales and logistics users,” the company wrote to the district. “However, the flexible buildings in Shallow Bay proposed for the property front along East 58th Avenue are designed to accommodate showroom, design, service and convenience-oriented businesses, and even heavier office and quasi-office spaces – Retail spaces can serve specific users. “