D’Shawn Schwartz will attempt to recreate some of his Colorado magic in the late game with George Mason. Dallas Walton will take the post for Wake Forest, while Jeriah Horne will return to the Tulsa program, which gave the Buffaloes their first graduation transfer a year ago.

For Maddox Daniels, the immediate future will be very different.

After a two-year run with the Buffs that included a solid all-round 2020-21 season, Daniels has made the decision to retire his career despite the fact that he was able to play another season thanks to the relief granted by the NCAA in pandemic season 2020-21. While many of his former CU classmates take advantage of this extra season, Daniels will pursue his career goal of becoming a kind of life coach focused on helping people improve their emotional, physical, and even mental wellbeing.

“My attitude at the beginning of the season was to win as many games as possible. Pac-12 Championship, NCAA Tournament and Go Pro. Those were my goals, ”said Daniels. “But over the course of the season, in my spare time, I continued to research other things than we didn’t train, and things like that. Just other passions of mine as far as helping people with their health and other things that come true for me from a lifestyle standpoint.

“I kind of knew towards the end of the season, but I focused on basketball and tried to stay in the moment. At the end of the season, I just knew it was time. I am just ready to move on to this next chapter in my life. “

Daniels arrived in 2019 as a junior college transfer from Florida SouthWestern State and appeared in 31 of the Buffs’ 32 games in the 2019-20 season averaging 3.2 points. Daniels had a much more efficient senior season last year, playing in all 32 games with a scoring average of 5.3. Daniels recorded just 22 assists for 26 turnovers in his first season at CU, but turned that ratio completely around this year and posted 32 assists with 16 turnovers.

As a spot-up shooter, Daniels didn’t come to the free-throw line very often. After only going off the line 5v12 as a junior, Daniels contributed 13v15 to the Buffs team in 2020-21 and the Pac-12 record of 0.819. Daniels shot .374 (64-for-171) from 3-point range during his two seasons in the Buffs.

In CU’s two NCAA tournament games, Daniels went 6-3 overall and knocked down his only tournament 3-point attempt in the Buffs’ season-end defeat in the second round against Florida State. Daniels also hit a career high with four assists against the Seminoles. For a former junior college player who understood his game days were drawing to a close quickly, Daniels said he made sure to enjoy those post-season moments.

“Without basketball, I wouldn’t have seen all these other things about myself in terms of identity, in terms of what I want to do in the future,” Daniels said. “In any case, my personal philosophy is to be present in the moment and enjoy this life and this experience. I definitely took it all in and enjoyed the experience with my teammates and coaches. Being locked in, being super present, just having fun and enjoying it. Not many people can do what I did, what we did this year.

“I will never forget this year and everything that has happened.”